US navy shoots up a “threatening” fishing boat off UAE coast

USNS Rappahannock

An Indian fisherman was killed and three people were wounded when a US navy ship fired at their boat off Dubai in the southern Gulf, a United Arab Emirates official said.

“The firing has led to the death of one Indian national and serious injury of three Indian nationals,” Tarek al-Hedan…told the official WAM news agency…

Lieutenant Greg Raelson, a spokesman for the US navy’s Bahrain-based 5th Fleet, said that sailors aboard the USNS Rappahannock opened fire on the boat after it ignored warnings…”US ships have an inherent right to self defence against potential threats…

The Rappahannock – with a crew of 81 civilians and three military officers – was headed into the UAE port of Jebel Ali when the small motor boat came within 8km of it, the navy said.

Dozens of police and other Emirati officials crowded around the boat after it docked following the incident at a small Dubai port used by fishermen and sailors. The boat was removed from the port shortly afterward.

Rescue workers were seen carrying one person in a body bag off the white-hulled boat and placing it in an ambulance as fishermen looked on…

Gangsters always think someone’s out to get them. Shoot first and ask questions later is an honored dicho in American history. Even when it leads to dead civilians.

Take a look at this map and decide for yourself which nations look like the aggressors in the region. The various icons denote US military bases – and those belonging to their most loyal flunkies.

She just wanted to purify husband’s penis – WTF?

An Adelaide woman charged with murdering her husband by setting him alight says she just wanted to “purify his penis”, to end an affair and have him stay with her.

Rajini Narayan, 46, has pleaded not guilty to killing 47-year-old Satish Narayan by pouring petrol on him and setting him on fire as he lay in bed at their Adelaide home…

Giving evidence in the South Australian Supreme Court on Thursday, she said that even though she suspected him of having an affair she still wanted him.

“He was my hero, the man of my life, the love of my life,” she told the court.

I was going to purify his penis, leave a mark there and he would remain with me. He would be mine.”

But Mr Narayan died in hospital several weeks later with burns to 75 per cent of his body.

The accused said she had snapped, dousing her man’s back with petrol when he called her a fat, dumb bitch.

By all accounts, she was a battered wife. Worse, she and her husband were still immersed in a culture that claimed her beatings were given “to make her a better person”.

Feds agree to $3 billion deal over Native American land

The federal government announced on Tuesday that it intends to pay $3.4 billion to settle claims that it has mismanaged the revenue in American Indian trust funds, potentially ending one of the largest and most complicated class-action lawsuits ever brought against the United States.

The tentative agreement, reached late Monday, would resolve a 13-year-old lawsuit over hundreds of thousands of land trust accounts that date to the 19th century. Specialists in federal tribal law described the lawsuit as one of the most important in the history of legal disputes involving the government’s treatment of American Indians…

For the agreement to become final, Congress must enact legislation and the federal courts must then sign off on it. Administration officials said they hoped those two steps would be completed in the next few months.

Do you really think so?

The dispute arises from a system dating to 1887, when Congress divided many tribal lands into parcels — most from 40 to 160 acres — and assigned them to individual Indians while selling off remaining lands.

Selling off the most valuable lands at the time to cronies in mining and logging – and pocketing the funds.

The Interior Department now manages about 56 million acres of Indian trust land scattered across the country, with the heaviest concentration in Western states. The government handles leases on the land for mining, livestock grazing, timber harvesting and drilling for oil and gas. It then distributes the revenue raised by those leases to the American Indians. In the 2009 fiscal year, it collected about $298 million for more than 384,000 individual Indian accounts…

The lawsuit spanned three presidencies and engendered seven trials covering 192 trial days, generated 22 published judicial opinions, and went before a federal appeals court 10 times.

Over its course, the federal judge originally assigned to the case, Royce C. Lamberth, put contempt orders on two secretaries of the interior over their handling of the lawsuit. In 2006, after the Bush administration complained of bias, a federal appeals court removed Judge Lamberth from the case.

Our various governments, whether led by Democrats or Republicans, have demonstrated unity in corruption, stonewalling and fear of responsibility. A system of justice maintained above all else to provide steady work for lawyers and political hacks – has ground along in predictable fashion.

It took a new administration – fractionally more ethical than predecessors – to resolve the dollar value of responsibility for a tiny portion of wholesale theft. There will be no individuals, agencies or corporations found guilty – of course.

Court delays Hari Puttar movie release

A court in India has postponed the release of a film entitled Hari Puttar, after complaints from the makers of the blockbuster Harry Potter films.

Hollywood company Warner Bros has filed a lawsuit against all parties involved in the production and distribution of the Hari Puttar film.

It has been quoted as saying the the title of the Indian movie is confusing.

Mirchi Movies, the makers of the Bollywood children’s film, have denied the accusations. It told the BBC that India’s Hari Puttar had nothing to do with the Harry Potter wizard movies, to which Warner Bros owns the rights.

Mirchi says that Hari is a popular Indian name, and Puttar means ‘son’ in Hindi and Punjabi.

The Indian film tells the story of a 10-year-old boy who moves to England with his family and becomes involved in a plan to save the world.

Warner Bros has a sense of humor only about things other than money. Since their universe is wholly concerned with money, they have no sense of humor about anything.

8 million victims in the world’s biggest cyberheist

An international criminal gang has pulled off one of the most audacious cyber-crimes ever and stolen the identities of an estimated eight million people in a hacking raid that could ultimately net more than $5.6 billion in illegal funds.

A Sunday Herald investigation has discovered that late on Thursday night, a previously unknown Indian hacker successfully breached the IT defences of the Best Western Hotel group’s online booking system and sold details of how to access it through an underground network operated by the Russian mafia.

It is a move that has been dubbed the greatest cyber-heist in world history. The attack scooped up the personal details of every single customer that has booked into one of Best Western’s 1312 continental hotels since 2007.

Amounting to a complete identity-theft kit, the stolen data includes a range of private information including home addresses, telephone numbers, credit card details and place of employment…

Although the security breach was closed on Friday after Best Western was alerted by the Sunday Herald, experts fear that information seized in the raid is already being used to pursue a range of criminal strategies.

The numbers get bigger every time we cover one of these stories.

If the basics of security practices aren’t in play 24/7, sooner or later the gate yawns open and crooks drive a truck into the vault!