Addict guilty of killing infant with morphine in her breast milk

A former nurse was sentenced Friday to 20 years in a South Carolina prison for killing her 6-week-old daughter with breast milk containing high levels of morphine.

Stephanie Greene, 39, of Campobello was convicted Thursday after a three-week trial. She was given 20 years for homicide by child abuse and a total of 10 years on other charges to run concurrently.

Alexis Catherine Greene died in 2010 when she was only 46 days old. A coroner found potentially fatal morphine levels in her system.

Barry Barnette, a prosecutor, said Greene has 39 charges of obtaining prescription drugs fraudulently…

During his closing statement, Barnette told jurors Greene “knew how to work the system” to obtain prescriptions. He said she did not tell the doctors who prescribed her morphine that she was nursing.

She loved her drugs more than she loved her child,” Barnette said.

Jurors deliberated for less than four hours Thursday before returning a guilty verdict. Greene was jailed immediately.

Greene’s defense attorney made what might have been a compelling plea for accidental death saying there are no documented cases of morphine in a nursing mother killing an infant – morphine being available by prescription for nursing mothers. There may be elements of truth in that defense – something any good defense lawyer knows about.

The fact remains Greene was not just relying on prescribed doses from her good old family doctor. She functioned, as far as I’ve been able to learn, like any junkie accumulating her drugs via phony prescriptions and under false pretenses. As a nurse, she knew doctors needed to know she was nursing – and didn’t say a word.

Street vendor/thief accidentally saves baby from suffocation

A street vendor who stole a bag from a local train in India accidentally saved the life of a baby boy concealed inside, investigators say.

Kishor Kale, 20, left the train Monday with the bag in Kurla, a Mumbai suburb, the newspaper MiD Day, reported Tuesday. He opened the bag at the station, hoping to find cash or valuables, and instead a tiny hand poked out.

Kale tried to dump the bag and baby on the platform but was caught by an alert ticket seller. He told police he was hawking nail polish on the train when he spotted the bag on the floor.

Police said the baby is only about 15 days old. While he is in good health, he would probably have suffocated if he had remained in the bag 10 minutes longer.

Jitendra Rathod, a senior officer with the Government Railway Police in Wadala, said investigators are examining security camera footage to verify Kurla’s story of how he came by the bag and to find out who dumped it and the baby.

Phew! Hope his story is verified. Otherwise this dude is up the proverbial body of water without a means of locomotion.

Suspended sentence for possibly the worst mom in America

A Missouri woman who left a loaded rifle in her toddler’s crib has received a suspended sentence, officials said. Cheryl Darlene Dudley, 37, of St. Peters, pleaded guilty to eight counts of child endangerment…

St. Peters police were called to Dudley’s home in July after a witness reported seeing Dudley’s 22-month-old daughter tied to the garage with a rope.

While investigating the incident, police found drugs a dresser drawer within reach of the toddler and Dudley’s 7-year-old son.

Police also found a loaded rifle stashed in the toddler’s crib.

Dudley told the police that she put the rifle in the crib because she heard noises in her back yard and hadn’t put it away yet.

Dudley’s daughter also had flea bites and appeared to have been scratched by a dog. Five dogs were seized from Dudley’s home during the investigation.

Police further found dog feces, dirt, cigarettes and mold inside Dudley’s home.

Circuit Judge Nancy Schneider sentenced Dudley to five years of probation, during which she must meet 17 requirements, including mental health counseling, prosecutors said.

If Dudley does not meet the requirements, she will be forced to serve a 10-year prison sentence.

Who has custody of the kids? I read several articles – all pretty much the same as the original in the St.Louis POST-DISPATCH. Nothing about the kids life after mom’s release into probation.

Child services take away newborn because of false positive drug test from poppy seed pasta dressing

A Pennsylvania woman who failed a drug test because she ate poppy seed dressing is entitled to damages for losing her newborn son for 75 days, a judge ruled.

Eileen Bower was unaware the urine sample she provided to Jameson Health Systems an hour before giving birth to Brandon in July 2009 was being used to test for drugs, Courthouse News Service reported.

Bower tested positive for morphine because there were poppy seeds in a pasta dressing she had at dinner…Her newborn son tested negative for drugs, the intake form of Lawrence County Children and Youth Services noted.

U.S. District Judge Terrence McVerry dismissed Bower’s claims for negligence against the department but her claim of due process violations under the 14th Amendment survived.

“By taking custody of Baby Brandon without any effort to corroborate the drug test and without talking to the parents, LCCYS policy did not provide sufficient protection for the fundamental parental rights involved in light of the drastic nature of the deprivation,” McVerry wrote.

There isn’t an HR department in the country that doesn’t check on ingesting foods that give false positives when drugs testing. There certainly can’t be a testing outfit worth beans that doesn’t know about such problems. For decades.

What sort of casual idiots proceed forward with taking a newborn from its mother from a single test without checking for a false positive? Idiots don’t deserve a job requiring them to bring their own shovel.

Mom and Grandma hustle ride on a single ticket. Leave grandchild behind at the station!

She slept through the whole affair!

A mother left her baby behind as she and the infant’s grandmother tried to avoid paying full fare on a Philadelphia mass transit train…

The two women, whose names were withheld by SEPTA, the Southeast Pennsylvania Transit Authority, attempted to use a single one-day pass to pay both their fares, but in the maneuver accidentally left the daughter’s infant girl in a stroller near a cashier’s booth Monday morning…

“The grandma thought the mother was going to bring the baby through the gate for strollers and wheelchairs, and the mom thought grandma was taking the baby with her,” SEPTA spokeswoman Heather Redfern explained.

That left the two women on the train illegally, and the baby at Philadelphia’s 60th Street Station

The cashier in the booth took the baby inside to keep her warm, Redfern said, adding the women notified police and returned to be reunited with the child.

“We normally would have cited the people who were involved in the fare evasion, but given the traumatic experience they had gone through, and because they were visibly upset, we did not cite them,” Redfern said.

I still would have published their names so their friends and relatives would know what cheapass fools they are.

The science of cute

Why do small helpless things – babies, kittens, puppies, pandas in baby form – turn even the most cynical human into a helpless wreck..?

But why? Why do small helpless things – babies, kittens, puppies, pandas in baby form – turn even the most cynical human into a helpless wreck? Why don’t we have the same reaction to a baby lizard or fish or bird? What, in short, is this cuteness thing all about? It turns out that the science of cute is far more interesting than you’d think.

Cuteness is evolution’s devious way of getting you to look after your offspring. Human babies – unlike many other species – are totally dependent on their parents for years after their birth. And you’d find it hard to overlook the constant interruptions to your life if babies weren’t so darn cute.

Zoologist Konrad Loranz argued way back in 1949 that the typical baby face – big eyes, heads large in comparison to their bodies and small noses – turned adults into happy baby-tending machines. More recently, researchers found that babies perceived as more cute made parents more willing to drop everything and look after them. Clever trick, babies.

So why does that transfer to animals? Well, it turns out our brains latch on to pretty much anything with the same criteria. Kittens: big eyes, large heads, small noses. Baby pandas: ditto. Puppies: yep. That might even be one reason why domestic dogs and cats look quite different to their wild ancestors – we’ve bred the cute into them…

Of course, babies get less cute as they get older. Their bodies grow in proportion to their heads. Their eyes seem less huge. They gain co-ordination. But by then, evolution’s work is done. It’s a trick – but it’s a good one.

And it’s been way too long since the last time we had a panda photo here at 🙂

Parents face manslaughter charge in latest case against faith-healers

A couple prayed and rubbed olive oil on their sick infant rather than seek medical care for the dying boy, prosecutors argued in the latest criminal case against members of an Oregon church that believes in faith healing.

Dale and Shannon Hickman are accused of manslaughter in the death of their son David, who was born prematurely in 2009 with underdeveloped lungs. The boy developed a bacterial infection and lived for less than nine hours…

The Hickmans are members of the Followers of Christ church, a Clackamas County church that practices faith healing and rejects doctors. The trial is the fourth time in recent years that members have faced criminal accusations that they let their children get seriously ill or die.

When David’s skin turned ashen and he could barely breathe, the Hickmans did not call for help, prosecutor Mike Regan said during opening statements Wednesday. Instead, he said, Dale Hickman anointed the baby with olive oil, a common church ritual for treating the ill.

They were never going to call — ever,” Regan said. “Failure to act is a crime…”

The Hickmans’ lawyers said witnesses to the boy’s birth will testify that the baby showed no sign of distress until minutes before his death. And even if the Hickmans had called 911, the infant would have died before help arrived, they said. The same defense used by church members in previous trials.

The couple was being tried for their faith, said lawyer Mark Cogan.

“You, ladies and gentlemen, are our protection against tyranny,” Cogan told jurors.

The tyranny of self-delusion, of religious ideology, letting superstition govern your behavior instead of ethics, reason, often leads to confrontation with common law. As the prosecutor, Mike Regan, said – Failure to act is a crime.

We have a responsibility to the society within which we live and function to act in the broadest sense. Letting a child die with no reasonable attempt to save that small life is not excused by ideology.

Lady judge throws out juror who is breastfeeding her infant – WTF?

A Denver mom says she was singled out by a judge when she brought her six-month-old daughter with her to report for jury duty. Christine Kalata says she had no choice. She is breast feeding her child and breast-feeding mothers are not exempt from jury duty.

“I felt embarrassed. I remember looking down and thinking everyone’s going to be mad at me because I want to be excused,” says Kalata.

She says she was humiliated in front of other potential jurors in Denver court when the judge was not happy to see a baby in court.

“When I stated that this was my job she did not let me say anything else after that she just said to the jurors, ‘how many of you left a job? Please raise your hand,'” Kalata says.

She says Judge Claudia Jordan told the clerk to put her name back in the pool and then sent her home.

“After I left I cried all the way down the elevator. As I drove home I actually started to get angry,” Kalata says. “That’s when I started to think this is ridiculous.”

Then she got fired up and is now working on changing the law in Denver so breast-feeding moms can fulfill their civic duty while taking care of their children.

Kalata says she had asked for a deferment but the clerk told her no.

Contradictory crap like this has no reason to happen. Either the judge hasn’t a clue what the regulations say about jury duty – or the clerk advising Christine Kalata doesn’t know what their job is all about. I don’t know who has it wrong.

But, it gets worse in these tired old eyes when it turns out to be a lady judge. Whether you have children or not, you would expect a women judge to be somewhat sympatico to a nursing mother.

TSA confiscates baby food, juice box, as potential explosives

Security officers at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport confiscated a jar of baby food and a juice box when they tested positive for trace amounts of explosives, officials said.

“It just didn’t clear,” said Transportation Security Administration spokesman Luis Casanova. “We tried to clear it because we wanted to give the baby food back to the mom, but it wouldn’t clear. The only alternative was to hold it…”

“She was understandably upset,” Casanova said.

He said the food and drink were pre-packaged and did not appear to be tampered with, so it appeared the alert was a false positive…

The woman and her baby went on to their flight, he said. The TSA threw away the food and juice.

Apparently, TSA has the authority to toss materials into the trash that test as dangerous – but, not return them to the mother and infant transporting the terrorist commodities. Am I the only one who sees a bit of a contradiction here?