Quitting the internet won’t solve its problems

Everything you hate about online culture is created by other people

❝ The internet, with its constant presence, social media envy and endless fakery, is not some parasite that showed up in the 1990s, enslaved you by bodysnatching your brain and turned you into an eternally screen-clicking bundle of tendonitis and ADHD. (If it had, that would be technological determinism.) Rather, the internet came about as a result of our very human urge to communicate and socialize, and is a reflection of naturally-occurring phenomena…

In other words, the idea for the basic functionality of modern digital communication was inspired by the human brain.

❝ Shortly after the turn of this century, that development came full circle: As the internet grew into the biggest communication infrastructure in history, network scientists and sociologists made new discoveries about how we interact with each other, drawing new types of network maps…

Networks are natural to humans — powerful, efficient mechanisms for growth and dissemination of information — so we built the internet. But we create networks even if what is disseminated or grown is malignant, which is key.

Hardware designed to threaten life and liberty is pretty much restricted to military flavors of anti-human behavior. They are inanimate objects even with AI. Humans purpose devices. At least for the foreseeable future.