Mountain lion treed – by a Jack Russell terrier!

A mountain lion found it was no match for a Jack Russell terrier which trapped it up a tree on a farm in South Dakota.

The dog’s owner, Chad Strenge, heard frantic barking near the family’s farm in Colman, Moody County.

He discovered the 150lb male lion, also known as a cougar, clinging to the top of a tree with 17lb terrier Jack at the bottom.

Mr Strenge, helped by his dog, chased the mountain lion and shot it dead.

He trees cats all the time,” Mr Strenge told The Argus Leader newspaper. “I suppose he figured it was just a cat.”

Jack Russells are scared of nothing!

And now, a State Microbe

There it was, amid the long list of crucial bills that state legislators in Wisconsin were racing to vote on before their session ends next week: A bill to select the state’s official microbe. Yes, microbe.

Peculiar, perhaps, until one considers what appeared to be the extremely short list of contenders (one) for this state honor — none other than Lactococcus lactis, the bacterium used to make cheddar, Colby and Monterey Jack cheese, and an unsung hero in this, the nation’s No. 1 cheese-producing state.

“The first time I heard the idea, I thought, I’ve got more important things to do than spending my time honoring a microbe,” said Gary Hebl, a Democratic state representative who proposed the bill which, he says, would make Wisconsin the first state in the nation to grant such a designation. “But this microbe is really a very hard worker…”

The proposal in Wisconsin had faced only one detractor in committee – “the opponent was clearly lactose intolerant,” Mr. Hebl said.

The article mentions in passing that here in New Mexico we have a State Question: Red or Green. There is a third answer for those of you who can’t figure out which chile sauce you prefer. It is “Christmas.”