White Supremacists, foreign and domestic, are a terrorist threat…

The Fake President and his governing Republican Party don’t think so!

Click to enlargeThis was in Georgia, 2018

Rep. Max Rose (D-N.Y.) and former FBI agent Ali Soufan warned on Tuesday that U.S. law enforcement has not kept pace with the threat posed by international white supremacist extremism in an op-ed published in The New York Times.

The two claimed that the enemy the United States currently faces is white supremacy and that these kinds of groups are organizing in ways similar to jihadist organizations in the past…

Soufan and Rose, a U.S. Army veteran, cited global organizations such as the American militant group The Base, the Scandinavia-based Nordic Resistance Movement and the Ukrainian Azov Battalion, all of which have allegedly threatened or targeted both men.

Rose and Soufan said these groups are interconnected, prompting individuals in different countries — such as the Australian man accused of killing 51 people at two New Zealand mosques last year — to commit acts of violence…

The problem, the lawmaker and former FBI agent asserted, is that the U.S. government has yet to designate these groups as foreign terrorist organizations, thus prohibiting law enforcement’s efforts to curb the threat the groups represent.

Terrorism is terrorism, however its perpetrators justify it inside their twisted minds. If these peddlers of hate hoped to silence us by attacking us online, they have failed. They’ve only hardened our resolve,” the op-ed concluded.

Not that there’s anything new or surprising about racism in the GOUSA. That includes terrorist acts of violence and murder. The question to be resolved is will the American electorate do anything about it?

Child suspected in white supremacist death – his daddy!

RIVERSIDE, CA – A white supremacist who ran for a Riverside water board last year was shot to death inside his home early Sunday, and his young son is suspected of the killing, police said.

Officers responded to a call of shots fired in the 5400 block of Lauder Court at 4:04 a.m., a Riverside police news release stated. They found Jeff Hall, 32, inside the home with a single gunshot wound. Police did not say where the bullet struck him…

Police were investigating whether the shooting was intentional or accidental, said Lt. Ed Blevins, manager of the Investigations Bureau. He said two handguns were recovered from the home.

Hall had been identified as the regional director for the National Socialist Movement, which promotes white separatism on its website.

Hall’s wife and five children were in the home at the time of the shooting, Blevins said by phone Sunday evening. He did not release any information about the child suspected in the shooting. Child Protective Services were called, he said, but he wasn’t sure if they had taken the other young children.

Police said they were not looking for additional suspects

Several residents in the neighborhood overlooking UC Riverside said they were still shaken from the early-morning shooting. Some refused to talk about it, while others weren’t sure how to react after months of what they described as intimidation by Hall and other National Socialist Movement members who often visited.

“Honestly, I feel like it’s over,” said Juan Trejo, who lives across the street from Hall’s home. “It was scary here. Hopefully we’ll never see any of them again.”

Trejo described a Halloween party at the home last year, when Hall flew a swastika flag from the home and guests wore KKK hoods…Trejo said in the two years they lived there, he had never spoken to Hall, his wife, or several children, whom he described as all younger than about 12.

“I never tried to even say hello because they are racist,” he said.

Isn’t there something about acorns not falling very far from the tree?

2 cleared, 1 guilty in white supremacist grenade and gun deal

A federal jury on Wednesday acquitted two men and convicted a third in what prosecutors said was a conspiracy by white supremacists to sell grenades and guns to a purported national supremacist group member, who was really a government informant.

The jury at the U.S. District Court in Bridgeport found Kenneth Zrallack, 29, of Ansonia and David Sutton, 46, of Milford not guilty of conspiracy charges. Alexander DeFelice, 33, of Milford, was convicted of several conspiracy and weapons charges.

Federal prosecutors said Zrallack is the leader of the Connecticut-based Battalion 14 white supremacist group, formerly known as the Connecticut White Wolves. Officials said DeFelice is a Battalion 14 member who knows how to make explosives, while Sutton, who is black, has known DeFelice for years but isn’t a white supremacist…

The informant, convicted felon Joseph Anastasio, wore hidden recording equipment that captured hours of what prosecutors said were incriminating conversations on video and audio. Many of the recordings were shown to the jury.

Anastasio portrayed himself as a member of a national supremacist group, the Imperial Klans of America. He testified that he bought three grenades and some guns from the defendants and gave the weapons to federal agents.

Anastasio also testified that he was not a white supremacist and was “sick” and “upset” when he joined Zrallack and others as they waved Nazi flags near an outdoor Jewish menorah lighting ceremony in Fairfield last year…

An expert on white supremacist groups, Robert Nill, told prosecutors that the Connecticut White Wolves claim to have been founded on April 20, Adolf Hitler’s birthday, in 2002, and Zrallack formed the successor Battalion 14 in 2009. Court documents also say defendants in the case talked about their desires to kill President Barack Obama and leave an explosive-filled basketball at a New Haven playground so blacks would be killed.

If you haven’t lived and worked in Connecticut you probably aren’t aware of the pride felt in being the “Arsenal of America”. Every major city has some factory or other that got its start manufacturing weapons or ammo.

Add to that the lasting history of rightwing nutballs like the John Birch Society and DePugh’s Minutemen in southern New England and their antecedents like Father Coughlin’s National Union for Social Justice.

Tie together the ideology + job skills and you’re ready to arm our garden-variety fascists.