Gumby fails at armed robbery

In the world of animated TV, it’s no stretch to say that good-natured Gumby is far down the list of characters that would commit armed robbery.

But a man clad in a full-figured Gumby costume has made a botched attempt to rob a 7-Eleven store in California, and authorities are looking for the suspect…

It happened early on Monday when the man came into the San Diego store dressed as the green claymation figure, accompanied by an ordinarily dressed accomplice, San Diego Police spokesman Detective Gary Hassen said.

The costumed man announced he was robbing the store, but the clerk thought it was a joke, police said.

“Gumby said, ‘You don’t think it’s a robbery? Let me show you my gun,'” Hassen said.

The suspect then tried to reach into his Gumby outfit but experienced a “costume malfunction” and could not fit his hand in a pocket, he said.

Instead of a gun, the costumed suspect pulled out 26 cents in change which he dropped on the floor, police said.

The accomplice, who had left the store and gotten into a minivan, honked at the man dressed as Gumby. He, too, walked out of the store without managing to take any money, police said. Both men left in the minivan.


Klutzy hit man found guilty

Nhut Nguyen and his target, Yvonne Stern

A Houston jury found a Vietnamese immigrant guilty Tuesday of aggravated assault in an alleged murder-for-hire plot.

There were three attempts on the life of Yvonne Stem of the Houston suburb of Bellaire, The Houston Chronicle reported…

Prosecutor Kari Allen, in closing arguments, called Nhut Nguyen’s contention he was not trying to kill Stern “hogwash,” the newspaper said.

“The gun was jammed,” Allen said, showing jurors a picture of the 9mm semi-automatic pistol police found near Stern’s home, a round still lodged in the slide. “That’s why Mr. Nguyen did not kill Mrs. Stern.”

…The Chronicle said the first round went through the glass front door of the Stern home as Stern and her teenage son went to answer the doorbell on April 15,2010. The gun jammed after Nguyen tried to fire off another round, officials said…

Yvonne Stern’s husband Jeffrey remains charged with two counts of solicitation of capital murder. Michelle Gaiser, with whom Jeffrey Stern was having an affair, also is charged with trying to hire hit men to kill Yvonne Stern.

Yvonne Stern was shot in the abdomen in the third attempt on her life… After that, she filed for divorce, but the couple has since reconciled and she has appeared with Jeffrey Stern at his court dates.

Why – oh why – has this woman reconciled and moved back in the with the crud who tried to have her killed?

I understand “love is blind”. That has nothing to do with “love can be self-destructive and stupid!”

Police manage to crash hundreds of times in their own car parks

Officers in Staffordshire have reported 147 accidents involving vehicles in their own police station car parks between April, 2008 and December, 2010 while Cheshire Police have managed 91 crashes in their car parks in the same period.

The list of incidents included a police vehicle crashing into a post causing £2,149 damage; a police car crashing into a wall causing £1,450 damage and a patrol van hitting a car park height restriction barrier causing £1,069 damage.

The combined estimated damage for the forces is £115,784, though the final figures may be adjusted by insurers…

Staffordshire’s £83,902 estimate included injuries or damage to vehicles or property within the car parks, as well as 32 more accidents which involved slips, trips and falls.

Now some officers have been told to improve their driving standards.

What about the accidents where they seem to fall down just while walking about? Do they know how to tie their own shoelaces?

Botched suicide bomber busted in Copenhagen hotel – UPDATED

Bomb squad techs let their robot in to deal with suspect’s bag

Police in Copenhagen have arrested a man in connection with what appears to be a botched bombing.

The man was apprehended shortly after a minor explosion at about 1:30pm in the bathroom of Hotel Jørgensen, located near Nørreport Station, the capital’s busiest commuter railway hub.

Police arrested the man, reportedly carrying identification from two foreign countries, in nearby H.C. Ørsted Park with a bag attached to his waist. The area was quickly cordoned off, and despite injuries to his face and arm the man was left immobilised on the ground for about five hours until a bomb squad robot could remove the bag and detonate it.

The detonation could be heard throughout the immediate area, but a police spokesman declined to comment on the bag’s possible contents, saying only that it was ‘no longer a concern’.

At about 8:00pm the man was taken by ambulance to hospital under police escort where he was treated by a medical team wearing bomb squad suits as a precaution.

A police spokesman said a terrorism emergency had not been declared. And officials from Copenhagen Airport and national rail operator DSB said they had not increased security measures.

However, the terror level has been raised to new heights throughout the United States. Especially New York and Floriduh. [/sarcasm]

UPDATE: The Danish police raised the terror level a fraction of a notch, this morning, to “information awareness”, e.g. everyone stay in touch.

UPDATE: Looks like the dude was preparing a letter bomb to mail to the Danish newspaper “guilty” of publishing Mohammed cartoons.