Catholic Bishop tells True Believers to halt donations to Komen cancer research charity

What me worry?

A Roman Catholic bishop in Ohio has called on supporters of a breast cancer foundation to suspend donations because the charity may, in the future, turn to stem-cell research in its fight against the disease.

Said Bishop Leonard P Blair of Toledo, Ohio: “While we want to do everything possible to support the search for a cure, sadly the landscape of medical research today is sometimes marred by the erroneous belief that research is not bound by moral norms rooted in faith and reason, as reflected in the teaching of the church.

According to this report, the charity at the centre of a controversy sparked by this posturing blockhead is the Susan G Komen for the Cure…He…noted the foundation does not exclude the possibility of funding research that uses embryonic stem cells. While acknowledging that Komen does not currently fund research using embryonic stem cells, he said Its policy does not exclude that possibility…

The man is an ideological turd. If he consistently lived up to an iota of his reasoning then he must be picketing the Pentagon on a daily basis. Oh?

Mary Westphal, Executive Director of Komen’s Northwest Ohio Affiliate, and board chairman Angie Ash said here that they were “extremely disappointed” in the bishop’s decision. They said the bishop and other diocesan leaders had not called or met with local Komen officials before the decision’s announcement and gave no opportunity to discuss his concerns.

In modern theology [I know – probably mutually exclusive], you learn the term “pelvic theology.” This describes purportedly celibate priests, bishops, cardinals and popes god-given right to order women how to deal with their bodies. Women haven’t the right to do so on their own. So say the divinely inspired.

You can add in the crap from Catholics and Kool Aid Party anti-abortion nutballs about Planned Parenthood – which sits out at the front of their political onslaught. Though abortion services and information is one of the smallest segments of Planned Parenthood’s activities, the Xhristian Crusaders would take away contraception, vaccination against cancers and dozens of aspects of programmatic women’s health planning.

Though my forebears were shipped off to North America in chains in part for their Catholicism, my immediate family walked out of that Church the day after my grandfather’s funeral. The priest took the occasion to berate the eight children of the deceased for not being Good Catholics like their father – since none of them had more than two children. After the burial my father told the priest to stick his religion where the sun don’t shine – and we never looked back.

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