Man sets himself on fire trying to kill bedbugs inside rental car

Raw footage from parking lot

Police say a Long Island man set his rental car ablaze while trying to kill bedbugs inside the vehicle.

Scott Kemery suffered first- and second-degree burns in the incident…outside an Eastport supermarket.

Police say the Bridgehampton resident poured alcohol over the insects, then sat in the car and lit a cigarette, setting off the blaze.

He fled the vehicle on his own.

Detective Sgt. Edward Fitzgerald told Newsday that someone told Kemery that if he saturated the bedbugs with alcohol it would kill them.

Police say two other cars were heavily damaged from the intense heat of the fire.

Easy-peasy folk remedies. Gotta love ’em.

School board reading list has 30 spelling errors

New York state officials criticized a school board whose summer reading list misspells titles including “The Great Gatsby” and names including George Orwell.

The Hempstead Public Schools summer reading list has more than 30 spelling errors, including misspelling “The Great Gatsby” as “The Great Gypsy” and misspelling the names of authors including George Orwell, Emily Bronte, David McCullough and Frederick Douglass, Newsday reported Wednesday.

Hempstead Superintendent Susan Johnson did not immediately return calls for comment…

Roger Tilles, a member of the New York State Department of Education’s Board of Regents, blamed the district’s leadership for the spelling errors.

“It indicates again that a stable administration is absolutely essential for kids to get the kind of education they need,” he said. “Hempstead has not had a stable administration for a long time and the kids are suffering.”

Hempstead is in Nassau County – which certainly has a stable political history. Mobbed-up politicians have been in charge for decades; but, then, they don’t care a whole boatload about spelling either.

Man shoots girlfriend over likelihood of a zombie outbreak

Police in New York state said a man shot his girlfriend during a fight about whether a zombie outbreak as seen on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” could actually occur.

Nassau County Detective Lt. Raymond Cote said Jared Gurman…argued via text messages with his girlfriend, Jessica Gelderman…just after 2:30 a.m. Monday about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse as depicted on the AMC series…

“He feels strongly about the possibility that some military mishap could occur. She thinks it’s ridiculous,” ABC News quoted Cote as saying. “She was not taking him seriously or taking the show as seriously as he does.”

Cote said Gelderman became worried about Gurman as the argument became heated and decided to go to his Williston Park home to calm him down, the report said.

Gelderman attempted to talk to Gurman and enter his home, but he shot her in the back with a .22-caliber rifle, police said.

Gurman drove Gelderman to the hospital, where she was treated for a shattered rib, a pierced lung and a pierced diaphragm.

Gurman was charged with attempted murder.

Ever know anyone who couldn’t see the difference between movies and TV show – and reality?

When I was still involved with competitive racquet sports back East, I used to work out with a guy who was getting ready to change his name to Conan the Barbarian. Part of his preparation for metamorphosis. Till Arnold beat him to it.

Woman finds she’s “married” to 3 men as part of immigration scam

Anna Vargas and her real hubbie, Angel Poggi

New York City woman Anna Vargas thought she was happily married — she just did not know she was “married” to four guys, The New York Post reports.

The 37-year-old Queens mom was the victim of an identity-theft nightmare, in which a parade of mysterious creeps arranged fake marriages by using her birth certificate, which she lost some 16 years ago.

Vargas had no idea what was going on — until she tried to get married in 2004 and was heartbroken to find her application for a license rejected by the City Clerk’s Office. She was turned down after records showed she was “married” twice in 1996, once to a man from Mexico and once to a man from Ecuador…

It was not clear why the men got married to women using her identity, but often such ID theft involves immigration scams…

The ceremony was moved to Long Island, where she and fiance Angel Poggi said their “I dos” and prepared to live happily ever after.

Then out of the blue in 2009, one of her other “husbands,” a man from Ecuador, turned up and slapped her with divorce papers.

When she refused to sign those documents and hired a lawyer, the Ecuadorean man showed up at her mother-in-law’s house. “Luckily, my mother-in-law had a picture of our wedding day,” Vargas explained. “She said, ‘Is this the person you were married to?’ He said, ‘No.'”

Vargas decided to go back and clear her name with the City Clerk’s Office. On Jan. 25, Administrative Law Judge Joan Salzman ruled that Vargas was indeed the victim of fraud and nullified the two 1996 marriages.

Unfortunately, her troubles are not over, as Vargas also discovered another fake marriage in her name, on Long Island, and is fighting to erase it.

Lesson learned? Keep track of your legal documents especially those concerning your identity.

Drunk – wearing “I’m a drunk” t-shirt – arrested for driving drunk!

A New York man wearing a T-shirt declaring “I’m a drunk” is facing DWI charges after a collision with a police car.

Suffolk County police arrested 23-year-old Kevin Daly of Coram. They say he crashed into an officer’s vehicle at about 1:45 a.m. Thursday. The officer was treated for minor injuries.

Daly, who is unemployed, was wearing the T-shirt in a mug shot provided by police. It reads: “I’m not an alcoholic / I’m a drunk / Alcoholics go to meetings.”

He was ordered held on $10,000 bail at his arraignment and was issued several traffic summonses. He was represented by an attorney from Legal Aid, which has a policy of not commenting on pending cases.

Throw away the key. He’s a drunk and an idiot. Double the menace to the public.

Beancounter bureaucrat sacks Santa to save $660

Faced with the difficult task of balancing a budget in austere times, officials in New York’s Suffolk County said on Friday they had no choice: they had to sack Santa Claus. The county executive said he could not justify carving out $660 from his $2.7 billion budget to pay David McKell, 83, a World War II veteran and former homicide detective, to don his Santa suit for the tenth year running and greet children on Long Island…

He said that some 750 county employees were facing layoffs as a result of budget restraints, including what he described as a $20 million cut in state aid to the county’s health system…

Steve Levy was quickly called a Grinch by his opponents.

Do we really have to hold Santa Claus hostage to balance the budget?” said Bill Lindsay, a Democrat and the presiding officer of the county legislature.

“I mean, $600? Give me a break,” Joseph Sawicki, a Republican who as county comptroller is charged with overseeing the county government’s fiscal prudence, said in an interview. “There comes a point where you go overboard in terms of penny-pinching…”

In the end, Steve Bellone, the current town supervisor of nearby Babylon, who is running as the Democratic candidate to succeed Levy, said he would pay for Santa.

Levy, who is not running for reelection, dismissed Bellone’s gesture as “pure grandstanding”, and said his office was investigating whether the check breached rules governing gifts to county agencies.

Exactly the kind of response I’d expect from a Scrooge getting caught out at being a cheapskate at managing somebody else’s money. He hates like hell to admit he’s a lousy money manager; so, he blames the people who point out his distorted values.

Suffolk County serial killer has been studying the coppers

Daylife/Getty Images used by permission

Whoever killed four prostitutes, and possibly four other people, and then dumped their bodies in heavy underbrush along a beachfront causeway on Long Island appears to have a sophisticated understanding of police investigative techniques…

A series of taunting phone calls made to the teenage sister of one of the victims — calls that the police suspect came from the killer — were made from in or around some of the most crowded locations in New York City, including Madison Square Garden and Times Square, according to the people briefed on the case and to the mother of Melissa Barthelemy, that victim.

The locations, detectives say, were probably chosen because they allowed the caller to blend into crowds, so that if investigators pinpointed his location from the cellphone’s signal, they would be unable to pick him out of the crowd using any nearby surveillance cameras, one of the people said.

This fact, as well as the killer’s use of disposable cellphones to contact the four victims who have been identified — women in their 20s who advertised their services on Craigslist — suggested to some investigators that the killer was well versed in criminal investigative techniques, gleaned either through personal experience or in some other way, and could even be in law enforcement himself…

Also, the caller kept each of his vulgar, mocking and insulting calls to less than three minutes, according to the dead woman’s mother, Lynn Barthelemy. The caller made about a half-dozen calls over roughly five weeks to the victim’s sister.

One investigator said the brief duration of the calls thwarted efforts by the New York Police Department to use the signal to pinpoint the caller’s location and find him, something Lynn Barthelemy said they told her they tried to do four times…

Ms. Barthelemy’s body was one of four uncovered over the course of three days in December in the thick undergrowth along Ocean Parkway, near Gilgo Beach, in the town of Babylon. All were dumped in burlap sacks.

RTFA for a bit more detail. I guess back in the day before the multiplicity of CSI variants on TV it would have required a bit of research to know how forensic investigation has moved on since the days of Quincy.

We even had a suicide here in New Mexico that imitated an episode of CSI in an attempt to make it look like murder. Life imitates art, once again.

Barbie-man bandit holds up Long Island store – for a Gatorade

Some men can wear pink – some can’t

The blonde bandit with the handbag and the handgun was no lady.

A cross-dressing crook in a pink jumpsuit held up a Long Island stationery store, only to find his efforts thwarted when the cash register wouldn’t open, Nassau County police said.

The white male, believed to be in his late 20s or early 30s, sported the blonde wig and the summery outfit Thursday afternoon when he entered the C&R Stationery Store in Lynbrook.

The pretty-in-pink bandit pulled a handgun from his off-white purse and ordered the female store clerk to empty the register, police said Friday.

When the panicked clerk couldn’t get to the cash quickly enough, the bandit settled for swiping a bottle of Gatorade before fleeing on his bicycle from the storefront shop on Union Ave., cops said…

Police planned to review footage from the store’s surveillance camera in their effort to track down the suspect.

And then pass it along to Jon Stewart, I imagine.

Bomb suspect got cash at doughnut shop

The Times Square terror suspect got $4,000 cash for his warped plot in a clandestine meeting at a Long Island Dunkin’ Donuts…

Faisal Shahzad drove from Connecticut to the doughnut shop near the Ronkonkoma Long Island Rail Road station to pick up his blood money, sources said.

The doughnut connection came on a day of fast-breaking developments in the probe – including the arrest of three Pakistani nationals.

Just who gave the money to Shahzad, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Pakistan, remains unclear. Authorities suspect the three men swept up in yesterday’s synchronized, four-state FBI terror sweep at least helped funnel the cash to finance the botched Times Square car bombing, which authorities have said cost about $7,000…

A fourth man, with ties to the Taliban, was arrested in Pakistan, also as an accomplice in the plot, sources said. He provided evidence that the Pakistani Taliban was behind the attack and admitted helping Shahzad get bomb-making training in Pakistan.

Uri Back, the owner of the Dunkin’ Donuts, which closed for renovations three weeks ago, told The News the feds have not questioned him.

Absolutely everyone living in the Northeast understands how good the coffee and doughnuts are at Dunkin Donuts. Even the terrorists.

100 Mbps broadband arrives in Long Island

As long as your curbside hookup doesn’t look like this. Har!

Cablevision, the Bethpage, N.Y.-based cable and Internet service provider, has continued its tradition of being a cable industry innovator by introducing 100-megabits-per-second service in Long Island. The service, dubbed Optimum Online Ultra, utilizes DOCSIS 3.0 technology to deliver the ultra-broadband experience over cable’s wires and comes with ability to send data upstream at 15 Mbps. It starts at $99 a month, will be available starting May 11 and will be the fastest service from a cable provider anywhere in the U.S.

Cablevision is facing intense competition right in its own backyard from Verizon, which has ramped up the availability of its FiOS fiber broadband in the areas where it’s allowed to sell broadband. The cable company has responded by constantly upgrading its network and offering higher speeds and recently started offering free Wi-Fi to its customers. Cablevision also announced that it was doubling the downstream speed of its Optimum Wi-Fi wireless Internet service, to up to 3.0 Mbps…

Cablevision’s attitude to broadband is in sharp contrast to those of its peers in the cable business. The company has not announced any plans for metered broadband and has been consistently offering more speeds for lower prices. Time Warner Cable continues to come up with excuses while Comcast has implemented a 250 GB bandwidth cap. Comcast recently launched a 50 Mbps broadband offering in parts of the San Francisco Bay Area and other cities around the country. Many carriers are looking at boosting speeds as a way to overcome the broadband slowdown that has come with a moribund economy.

That’s right. It reads like there is no cap on this new Cablevision package.

Meanwhile, their competitors continue to whine about technical crappola keeping them from permitting full access to speeds considered essential – in other countries.

One of the commenters at Om’s post – from Sweden – has had 100Mbps up and down for 5 years. He pays $29 per month.