Couple of quick iPhotos

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1st walk, this morning, I grab a quick snap of this bunny out front. Didn’t even notice the bull snake till I went to crop and edit. Don’t see many out towards the road. We figure he’s new. Then…

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Ready to step out the door for another walk after our morning coffee break, look who’s cruising by the doorstep! Damned near came in the dog door. Still looking for a place to settle, I guess.

An early morning bee

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We have several bushes outside the living room windows planted just because they keep the neighborhood bees happy. Though we haven’t any beekeepers in the family, right now, the tradition is honored. Who knows? Maybe one of us will add it to life on Lot 4?

Test pic – again

Yes, I changed cameras, again.

Good old Amazon’s exchange/return policy comes to the rescue.

I was less and less happy with the Canon I bought a couple of weeks ago. One of the oldest truisms in photography still holds, e.g., the quality of the lens is most important. So, as pissed off as I am at Panasonic about their battery protocols, I still want a camera in my pocket that takes the best quality for the price.

I returned the Canon and bought a Panasonic ZS8. $70 lower price. 16X zoom. It fits fine in my pocket. And as far as I’m concerned, the image quality with the Leica lens is lightyears ahead of the Canon.

BTW – I wasn’t trying for depth of field. That was taken at a 500th/second.

Local Pic of the Day

On one of our morning walks, I had to snap a photo of this yucca in full bloom.

These critters only blossom every 2 to 5 years. Most of those here on Lot 4 are red yuccas, white blossoms tinged with red edges. This critter has a uniform creamy color.

Delightful sign of the transition from spring to summer in New Mexico.