French doors stay closed on Eurotunnel train

As the Eurotunnel train from Folkestone to Calais slowed to a halt in France, its passengers were no doubt looking forward to disembarking and enjoying their trip to the other side of the Channel. But rather than being allowed to drive off the stationary train, more than 20 passengers looked on powerlessly as the locomotive doors remained shut and the train powered straight back to Kent.

The “forgotten” passengers using the Channel tunnel to travel to France were in seven vehicles that had been loaded behind a wagon left empty after a fuel spill.

Eurotunnel staff at Calais unloaded the front vehicles on the train without realising there were seven loaded cars behind the empty wagon.

The unfortunate passengers, who minutes earlier had watched the Calais branch of the tunnel approaching, now saw the terminus retreat as they sped back to Folkestone…

On returning to Kent, the passengers were met by Eurotunnel management staff, who apologised, organised transport back to Calais and offered them a refund and a free crossing in the future.

We have apologised profusely,” a Eurotunnel spokesman said…


Someone probably mentioned the World Cup. And Sarkozy ordered their expulsion.