Follow your leader!

Public-health experts have said, and have told Trump, that masks are crucial to safely reopening businesses and returning to something resembling normal while minimizing the risk of new coronavirus outbreaks. Trump’s re-election surely depends on successfully controlling the virus and rebooting the economy. And yet the president has consistently downplayed the idea, including refusing to cover his face in front of the cameras. In fact, as Greg Sargent points out, Trump is doing this despite the public being overwhelmingly in favor of him wearing a mask.

Perhaps the most unfortunate aspect of Trump’s decision is that this is a case where a president’s enthusiastic endorsement for wearing masks and otherwise following best practices might really make a difference. After all, the economy simply will not rev up if people are afraid to go out of their houses, and a lot of people are going to be afraid if they see more and more folks — including the president himself — refusing to wear a mask.

The man is a prattling fool. This is how he leads the zombies who follow him. They are as silly, stupid…and dangerous.