Pepsi and Coke battle for the lead among losers

Still cranking out profits from carbonated water and sugar

Americans bought less soda for the 10th straight year in 2014…An annual report by the industry tracker Beverage Digest found that overall soda volume slipped 0.9% last year, moderating from the decline of 3% the previous year.

And the poor performance of diet sodas in particular led to a shake-up in the top 10 US soda rankings; even though people bought less Pepsi, it managed to regain the No 2 spot from Diet Coke, which suffered an even steeper decline. Diet Coke had knocked Pepsi off the No 2 spot in 2010…

Interesting to investors and hedge funds. Meaningless compared to good news for the health of the nation.

John Sicher, publisher of Beverage Digest, attributed the moderation in soda’s decline in 2014 to the continued growth of energy drinks. He also noted that Coca-Cola Co, PepsiCo and Dr Pepper Snapple Group have improved marketing for their soda brands.

Soda volume has been declining in the US since 2004 amid concerns that sugary drinks fuel weight gain, and a proliferation of alternatives in the beverage aisle.

They’re still cranking out easier profits from stuffing people with sugar.

Despite the ongoing decline of soda volume, the broader US beverage industry performed better than in the previous year with growth of 1.7%, according to Beverage Digest. That increase was driven by an increase in bottled water sales.

How dumb is that? Continued growth in designer water sales confounds any measure of intelligence.

Longest, smartest, humorous commercial I’ve seen in a long time


This is one of those days where I have an abundance of material worth posting. I still have to get out and enjoy a few more walks with Rally, take a few more pictures of the Buffalo Gourds exploding into growth down by the bosque. Fortunately [!] there’s a break in proper football until Euro 2012 starts. Easy to stay away from the TV except for Tom Keene’s show on Bloomberg TV.

I’ll squeeze a few of these in between usual posting times.


Thanks, Ursarodinia

Coke and Pepsi change recipes to avoid printing cancer warning

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are changing the recipes for their drinks to avoid being legally obliged to put a cancer warning label on the bottle.

The new recipe for caramel colouring in the drinks has less 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI) – a chemical which California has added to its list of carcinogens. The change to the recipe has already been introduced in California but will be rolled out across the US.

Coca-Cola says there is no health risk to justify the change. Spokeswoman Diana Garza-Ciarlante told the Associated Press news agency they wanted to ensure their products “would not be subject to the requirement of a scientifically unfounded warning”…

The chemical has been linked to cancer in mice and rats, according to one study, but there is no evidence that it poses a health risk to humans, said the American Beverage Association, which represents the wider industry.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims a person would need to drink more than 1,000 cans of Coke or Pepsi a day to take in the same dose of the chemical that was given to the animals in the lab test…

It said that apart from California “not one single regulatory agency around the world considers the exposure of the public to 4-MEI as present in caramels as an issue”.

There’s no truth to the rumor that California is going to require signs posted on popular beaches that skimpy bathing suits cause pregnancy.

Pepsi drank the KoolAid

Click on the Frito-Lay graphic to see the advert

The advertising executives behind Doritos and Pepsi Max have been trying to create buzz with their “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, in which user-submitted ads for each product would compete via public vote to be shown during the big game, with potential prizes up to a million dollars for the winners.

Unfortunately, the Pepsi products’ competition has fallen under the public eye for the wrong reason — one of the candidate ads offended Catholics.

The ad, entitled “Feed the Flock,” features a priest using Doritos and Pepsi as replacements for the wafer and wine that are normally part of the Eucharist.

Probably better for you than the original tasty bits.

God be praised! Mountain Dew moves to #3 spot!

Mountain Dew passes Diet Coke, becomes No. 3 soft drink in U.S.

PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew has been one of the strongest soft drinks in the U.S. for some time, thanks to edgy marketing and devoted fans.

Now it’s notched another victory, passing Diet Coke to become the No. 3 soft drink brand — behind Coca-Cola and Pepsi — over the first nine months of 2010, according to trade journal Beverage Digest. The data does not include Wal-Mart or the soda fountain business, which are both large in the U.S.

I love the comments on YouTube which felt it necessary to explain to us that they’re not singing about the soft drink. Har!