Pirates of Silicon Valley!

If you float it, they will come.

That’s the lesson of Blueseed, a brave new utopia for startups that will be anchored in international waters, 12 miles off the coast of the San Francisco peninsula — aka Silicon Valley — sometime in the second half of 2013…

Blueseed is funded by Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal and early investor in Facebook. Famous for his libertarian views, Thiel is eager to create more havens for startups that are free from all government regulation — indeed, from all laws…

As laughable as it may sound to some, startups are flocking to fulfill Thiel’s vision. Blueseed has released the details of a survey on its website, which shows 133 international startups willing and eager to get on board. A plurality are from the US, but there’s also a lot of interest from India, Australia, Canada, Europe and practically every other area of the world:

What’s the draw? Well, partly, it’s the fact that no U.S. passport or visa would be required to live and work on board the vessel…

Mostly, according to Blueseed’s survey, it’s the proximity to Silicon Valley, less than half an hour away by helicopter or somewhat more by shuttle boat and bus. But we wonder if the startup founders have been also tempted by the Googleplex-like array of amenities promised: high-speed wifi across the ship, 24-hour cafes, a full-service gym, concierge, medical services – and a post office.

What a crock! I mean – pirate radio works and pirate venture capital could work – if no one becomes accessible by landing onshore to go shopping for the latest in gamer gear. Landing without passports, without clearing TSA or TCE. Har!

This clownshow will be busted as soon as the IRS gets irked enough to pay attention to their helicopter and shuttle fleet.

Leave it to a conservative Libertarian nutball to think he’s above paying taxes.