New COVID vaccines will be ready this fall. Too bad America won’t be.

This, perhaps, is not where experts thought we’d be a year and a half ago, when the vaccines were fresh and in absurdly high demand. Since then, the tale of the U.S.’s COVID immunity has taken on a tragicomic twist: First we needed a vaccine; then we needed more people to take it. Now the problem is both.

Yes, fall’s vaccine recipe seems set. But much more needs to happen before the nation can be served a full immunization entrée. “It’s July, and we just heard that the FDA would like to see a bivalent vaccine,” with the spike of BA.4 and BA.5 mixed with that of the OG SARS-CoV-2, [Jason] Schwartz told me. When, exactly, will the updated shots be ready? How effective will they be? How many doses will be available? We just started prepping for this new inoculation course, and are somehow already behind…

Then, once shots are nigh, what will be the plan? Who will be allowed to get one, and how many people actually will? Right now, America’s appetite for more shots is low, which could herald yet another round of lackluster uptake.

There’s little time to address these issues. Fall “is, like, tomorrow,” says Jacinda Abdul-Mutakabbir, an infectious-disease pharmacist at Loma Linda University, in California. Autumn, the season of viral illnesses and packed hospitals, already puts infectious-disease experts on edge. “We dread fall and winter season here,” says Yvonne Maldonado, a pediatric-infectious-disease specialist at Stanford University. The system has little slack for more logistical mayhem. The world’s third COVID autumn, far from a stable picture of viral control, is starting to resemble a barely better sequel to the uncoordinated messes of 2020 and 2021…

A sequel? Or will the melange of politicians, scientists and physicians produce nothing better than pre-packaged oatmeal? Bland, tasteless, a useless imitation of the real deal?

What do ex-Trumpsters think of their former boss?

Andrew Harrer photo

Former White House chief of staff, retired Marine Gen. John Kelly, has told friends that President Donald Trump “is the most flawed person” he’s ever known.

The depths of his dishonesty is just astounding to me. The dishonesty, the transactional nature of every relationship, though it’s more pathetic than anything else. He is the most flawed person I have ever met in my life,” the retired Marine general has told friends, CNN has learned.

The reporting comes from a new CNN special scheduled to air Sunday night, “The Insiders: A Warning from Former Trump Officials,” in which former senior administration officials — including former national security adviser John Bolton, former Health and Human Services scientist Rick Bright and former Department of Homeland Security general counsel John Mitnick — explain why they think the President is unfit for office.

Kelly’s sentiments about the President’s transactional nature and dishonesty have been shared by other former members of the Trump administration who also appear in the special.

Sadly, I have to assume that some of the support for this phony over the last four years and more – comes from folks who have been self-limited in their sources of information on the real world. Presuming intellectual honesty. What that tells me is that it’s also time for them to review who they’ve been relying upon to tell them the truth.

World-class FAIL

This magazine cover is over 2 years old

How did it come to this? A virus a thousand times smaller than a dust mote has humbled and humiliated the planet’s most powerful nation. America has failed to protect its people, leaving them with illness and financial ruin. It has lost its status as a global leader. It has careened between inaction and ineptitude. The breadth and magnitude of its errors are difficult, in the moment, to truly fathom.

In the first half of 2020, SARS‑CoV‑2—the new coronavirus behind the disease COVID‑19—infected 10 million people around the world and killed about half a million. But few countries have been as severely hit as the United States, which has just 4 percent of the world’s population but a quarter of its confirmed COVID‑19 cases and deaths. These numbers are estimates. The actual toll, though undoubtedly higher, is unknown, because the richest country in the world still lacks sufficient testing to accurately count its sick citizens.

Despite ample warning, the U.S. squandered every possible opportunity to control the coronavirus. And despite its considerable advantages—immense resources, biomedical might, scientific expertise—it floundered. While countries as different as South Korea, Thailand, Iceland, Slovakia, and Australia acted decisively to bend the curve of infections downward, the U.S. achieved merely a plateau in the spring, which changed to an appalling upward slope in the summer. “The U.S. fundamentally failed in ways that were worse than I ever could have imagined,” Julia Marcus, an infectious-disease epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School…

You’d think that having made it into the 21st Century, all the folks who consider themselves “average Americans” might have learned enough about political corruption, how our government lies and cheats taxpayers…to have shut down the crap manipulation that put the scumbag Fake President in office.

Apparently, we still are a nation that accepts cigarette-level advertising as some kind of truth.

Ever get a warning for driving 5mph BELOW the speed limit?

This video, posted Feb 18, 2020, depicts a black motorist, Ace Perry, being pulled over by a white police officer. The officer says he was suspicious because Perry was traveling 65 mph in a 70 mph zone. The officer, who identifies himself as deputy Snow, issues Perry with a warning but refuses to tell him what the warning is for.

When Perry confronted him after he received a “written warning” for driving under the speed limit, the cop claimed obeying all the traffic laws and not speeding was “suspicious.” He couldn’t even look at Perry in the eye, likely knowing that his job consists of harassing innocent people for no reason.

Bullshit in a blue uniform is still bullshit. Unless you ain’t been looking at the real world, you know racism when you see it.