Flynn challenges House investigation — 1 day later, his case is thrown out!

His master’s voice

Michael Flynn has swiftly lost his bid in court to block a possible House select committee subpoena for his phone records and to hold off demands he speak to the panel investigating January 6.

The ruling Wednesday comes one day after he asked a federal judge in Florida for a temporary restraining order, and it’s the first quick response to a lawsuit from a House witness, after several went to court to try to invalidate the committee and block the House from pursuing their phone records…

While the lawsuits to challenge the House are gaining attention, they’ve revealed that the committee appears to be notching many successful interviews about the pro-Trump rally and its high-profile right-wing participants and the insurrection on January 6, and that they are likely to have received large amounts of call log data from Verizon and AT&T already…

Flynn has long faced tribulations in court since he lied in 2017 to the FBI and Vice President Mike Pence while serving as national security adviser in the Trump White House. He lost his job over the episode and pleaded guilty in federal court to making false statements. But he was pardoned by Trump near the end of the administration, and became a public voice in right-wing circles touting a disproven belief that Trump lost the election because of widespread voter fraud.

Unless I see some appropriate move from grassroots and others who press for traditional leadership of the Republican Party, once again – I think it’s accurate to describe Trumpity thugs like Mike Flynn as a “Republican thug”.