Weird supermarket bank robber turns out to be supermarket clerk

The Los Angeles area bank robber had an outrageous disguise for an audacious plan, authorities said. He wore pink hospital scrubs, a Darth Vader mask, black wig, and gloves.

His unusual weapon: a hatchet.

His target: a Bank of America teller inside a Los Angeles area grocery.

The menacing get-up worked, and the robber allegedly got away with an undisclosed amount of cash on Thursday, authorities said.
But the heist was successful for only three hours…

Investigators found the alleged robber back at the scene of the crime — this time working his job as a courtesy clerk inside the same Albertson’s grocery in Rowland Heights, California…

Authorities declined to disclose how they tracked down the alleged robber.

Gregory Sanchez, 46, of West Covina, California, was charged with the bank robbery and was being held on $100,000 bail…

Maybe I shouldn’t let prospective bank robbers know this; but, exploding dye packs in the cash are so 5 minutes ago. Nowadays, banks salt the money with tiny RFID tags – radio traceable from nearby.

Bet numbnuts had some of the money in his pocket when he returned to the scene of the crime – to go to work.