Baby Trump balloon at LSU-Alabama football game to mock Fake President

❝ It’s on.

The ‘Baby Trump’ political art protest balloon has followed Trump around the world, mocking him mercilessly. Baby Trump is reportedly headed to the site of this weekend’s football game between University of Alabama and Louisiana State University, at which Trump is expected to be booed loudly again.

Can’t always get what you want…Sometimes you get what you deserve!

Politician divorces his wife of 4 days – by text message – WTF?

Jarkarta, Indonesia — The marriage lasted four days and ended in divorce via text message, from the 40-year-old local politician to his 17-year-old wife.

Aceng Fikri claimed his young bride Fani Oktara was not a virgin, as she had claimed, so he decided to end the union, his lawyer Ujang Suja’I said.

She denied it, and in turn accused Aceng — who is the head of the district of Garut in West Java — of spreading baseless accusations against her. Her lawyer Danny Suliwisjaya told CNN that Aceng had deceived his client into marriage.

Aceng caused a stir after his July wedding to Fani. Although 16 is the legal age for marriage in Indonesia, Aceng was already married with children. Few Muslims practice polygamy, and while it is not against the law, Indonesian civil servants are also prohibited from taking on second spouses under strict regulations governing their private lives…

Aceng claimed divorcing his wife through text messaging is allowed under Islamic Sharia law, his lawyer said.

Public outrage over the marriage, and subsequent divorce, came after Fani reported Aceng to the police on Monday, asking that he be charged with falsifying his marital status, fraud, defamation and unpleasant conduct.

Police are still investigating Fani’s complaint; as yet, there are no charges against Aceng.

There have since been daily protests in Garut, calling for his resignation.

Nice to see a stink being raised. Too often the press in Muslim nations relegates a case like this to the back pages.

Even more important, public outrage over the corruption of this political figure, mistreatment of a woman, abuse of a teenager – all illustrates a nation moving towards modernism and willing to challenge reactionary religion-based foolishness.

Doesn’t mean justice will fall easily from the trees of law in Indonesia – but, case by case, times are changing.

New genetic disease infects Republicans

There’s a lot of chatter about the new word debuted by Obama today — “Romnesia” — which is meant to describe Mitt’s tendency to forget about, contradict or evade his own positions on a host of issues. Here’s the “Romnesia” riff Obama delivered in Virginia today:

Obama runs through Mitt’s “Romnesia” on a range of issues — equal pay, contraception, abortion, tax cuts for the rich, etc. — and then ends on a joke. He says the good news is that Mitt’s “Romnesia” can be cured — thanks to Obamacare, which guarantees coverage to people with preexisting conditions…

Romney held extreme positions to get through the primary, then flip flopped away from them to get through the general election, but can be expected as president to honor the extreme positions he originally took, since his base won’t let him do otherwise. There’s nothing contradictory in pointing all that out. However, painting Romney as a flip flopper does risk driving home the idea that Romney never really believed in the exreme positions he adopted and is a moderate at heart.

The new “Romnesia” riff can be seen as an answer to this. There’s no need to choose between “extremist” and “flip flopper.” Romney is simply a weasel.

I’ll take weasels – or the ferrets who live in tunnels under my front yard – over politicians like Romney, any day. They may be aggressive carnivores, scary to prey appropriate to their size and nature; but, Romney takes Brylcreem image onto the battlefield of ideas like a phony ambulance with a big Red Cross on the side and white phosphorus flame throwers mounted behind a sliding panel.

We’re supposed to believe that in his heart he’s just a traditional American conservative who really cares about us ordinary folk. When the reality is that he’s greedy money-sucker whose only allegiance is to dollars and gold. He doesn’t care who gets screwed for him to profit. He doesn’t even care which country’s banks get to hide his money.

Porn star/politician ready to claim her pension in November

She is famed for being the first woman to uncover her breasts live on Italian television, for recording a song entirely about the male organ, and for offering sex to Osama bin Laden (in return, she said, for giving up terrorism).

But now Ilona Staller, better known as Cicciolina, is the unlikely centre of a bitter row over the cost to ordinary Italians of the perks enjoyed by their country’s tens of thousands of politicians. It emerged on Monday that the Hungarian, who starred in almost 40 hardcore pornographic movies, will soon be enjoying a €39,000-a-year pension, provided by the taxpayers of her adoptive homeland.

The stipend, which is for life, is her reward for labouring as a member of parliament for all of five years, from 1987 to 1992. Staller was elected for the libertarian Radical party and sponsored a number of mainly sex-related bills, including one to set up “love parks and hotels”.

Her entitlement is no different from that of any other one-term politician in Italy. But their pensions have come under resentful scrutiny at a time when politicians are seeking painful sacrifices from the rest of society to prevent a Greek-style debt crisis: last week, parliament gave final approval to an austerity package that includes an increase in VAT and provision for big cuts in income tax allowances…

According to one recent estimate, Italy’s cohorts of politicians cost the taxpayers almost €1.3 billion a year. With four levels of government – national, regional, provincial and municipal – the country has an inordinately large number of elected representatives.

But that has not stopped them from giving themselves a distinctly comfortable lifestyle. According to the Italian parliament website, the gross salary of a member of the lower house is €140,000 a year plus an attendance allowance of up to €42,000 and a contribution towards expenses of up to €63,000. They are also entitled to free public transport, free air and sea travel within Italy and exemption from motorway tolls.

Cicciolina played by the official rules of the country at the time and deserves her share of the spoils. I guess. All the other prostitutes and pimps will certainly have their own political parties covering their buns.

They’re no less corrupt and undeserving than our own flavors of politicians – from local to national. They call it service to the nation – and we will be servicing them all for decades to come. While working people have to struggle to get affordable prescriptions.

Boy, 11, calls police emergency line over housework, chores

A boy of 11 called a German police emergency line to complain of “forced labour” after his mother told him to help clean the home.

Police say the boy from Aachen, who has not been identified, spoke to an officer via the 110 number. They say he complained: “I have to work all day long. I haven’t any free time…”

A transcript of the conversation, printed in local newspapers, revealed the officer asking the boy to describe the kind of “forced labour” he was doing.

The boy replied that he had to clean the home and terrace, it said.

Asked if he knew what forced labour was, the boy said he did, and the police officer asked to speak to his mother, who at that stage was standing next to him.

She explained he had called after being asked to pick up paper from the floor, adding: “He plays all day long and when told to tidy up what he’s done, he calls it forced labour.”

Sounds like he’ll grow up to become a member of the Bundestag.

Yokels afraid of satellites, airplanes, who knows what else?

“I guess an fear!”

One is an assemblyman in California; the other a piano tuner in Pennsylvania.

But when they independently looked at online aerial imagery of nuclear power plants and other sites, they had the same reaction: They said they feared that terrorists might be doing the same thing.

Now, both have launched efforts to try to get Internet map services to remove or blur images of sensitive sites, saying the same technology that allows people to see a neighbor’s swimming pool can be used by terrorists to chose targets and plan attacks.

“It is disturbing to me that terrorists can now perform considerable surveillance without visiting the targeted site,” piano tuner and nuclear watchdog Scott Portzline wrote in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano…

Joel Anderson, a member of the California Assembly, has more expansive goals. He has introduced a bill in the state Legislature that would prohibit “virtual globe” services from providing unblurred pictures of schools, churches and government or medical facilities in California. It also would prohibit those services from providing street-view photos of those buildings.

“It struck me that a person in a tent halfway around the world could target an attack like that with a laptop computer,” said Anderson, a Republican legislator who represents San Diego’s East County. Anderson said he doesn’t want to limit technology, but added, “There’s got to be some common sense.”

The average ignoramus always seems to think “common sense” dictates fear of every technology they peer at for the first time – even if it’s been around for decades.

I get a special chuckle over Anderson’s quivering over a terrorist in a tent halfway around the world ready to “target an attack…with a laptop computer”. This presumes a broadband connection to that tent, I guess.

This has been the mantra of every cowardly conservative inquisitor since the days of Mercator and Galileo. It’s just especially laughable coming from a local yokel who presumes expertise in terror attacks – even though he just discovered Google Earth. The overwhelming benefit and services provided by public access to the technology means nothing – to his timorous heart.

If I was a voter in Anderson’s assembly district, I’d worry more about whatever else he probably hasn’t yet discovered.

Right-wing politician upset over “gay” elephant

A Polish politician has criticized his local zoo for acquiring a “gay” elephant named Ninio who prefers male companions and will probably not procreate.

“We didn’t pay 37 million zlotys ($11 million) for the largest elephant house in Europe to have a gay elephant live there,” Michal Grzes, a conservative councilor in the city of Poznan in western Poland, was quoted as saying.

“We were supposed to have a herd, but as Ninio prefers male friends over females how will he produce offspring?” said Grzes, who is from the right-wing opposition Law and Justice party.

The elephant is young enough that he might just not be interested in sex at all – yet.

Obviously that’s about the only topic consuming the passions of this right-wing political hack.

Upper class Brits as dumb about Street View as California politician

After a recent spate of burglaries, residents of Broughton, a village in Buckinghamshire, UK, formed a human chain around, and hurling insults at, a Google Street View car, refusing to allow it inside the hamlet.

A spate of burglaries in the Buckinghamshire village of Broughton caused residents to spring into action when the Google Street View car puttered towards Broughton with a 360-degree camera on its roof. The villagers formed a human chain to stop it, haranguing the driver about “invasion of privacy” fears, claiming a belief that the images Google planned to put online could be used by burglars.

Meanwhile, in Lala-land…

Joel Anderson, a Republican California state assemblyman from San Diego County, wants to make sure that the terrorists can’t win. Because obviously, the only thing that’s allowing them to commit heinous acts is having access to the Internet. Specifically, to services like Google Earth.

About a month ago, Anderson introduced Assembly Bill 255, which would fine Web sites and other online services up to $250,000 per day for not blurring out schools, places of worship, medical facilities, or government sites on satellite or aerial imagery. The same restriction would apply to street-level shots like Google Maps’s Street View feature. Knowingly violating this law could also result in jail time of up to 3 years for the operator.

In an interview with CNET, Anderson said: “Well, I looked at where we’ve had security issues in the past and potentially, might have issues in the future. Churches and synagogues have been bombed. So have federal buildings and then, of course, 9/11. So, the threats are out there and as a state legislator, public safety is my No. 1 job. To ignore that fact would be irresponsible.”Anderson said:

Knowing WTF you’re talking about might also be too much a stretch for this dumbass politician.

I know. That’s redundant. Dumbass and politician.

It’s just that this sort of absurdity has been hollering in my ears all my life. It trails its stink back into recorded history to the edicts of Nero – and probably will afflict thoughtful humans ten centuries from now. Time doesn’t make it any more bearable.