Sinkhole eats state highway in Ohio

In Ohio a massive sinkhole has eaten away part of a state highway and now threatens nearby houses as well. It’s estimated to be the size of four football fields.

The state highway has been badly damaged and will have to be closed for months.

The sinkhole began as a pond on land where the Newton Asphalt Company had been dredging for sand. The dredging may have eroded enough of the land near the pond to cause a collapse.

Think so?

It had happened so quickly that Newton employees had to run to the road to warn traffic the road had fallen in.

Experts think it could be well into 2013 before permanent repairs can be made.

If we’re lucky, the state of Ohio will award the repair bid to the Newton Asphalt Company – and they will provide more entertainment.

Oops! of the Day

Daylife/AP PHoto used by permission

In this photo provided by Minnesota State Patrol, a semi truck is submerged in an icy pond in Monticello, Minn. on Friday, Jan. 6, 2012. The Minnesota State Patrol says the driver was taken to a local hospital, treated and released. Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske says the driver was pulling a Target trailer, left eastbound I-94, crossed over lanes of oncoming traffic and skidded onto the pond. Roeske says the semi skidded 100 to 200 yards across the ice before breaking through.

Looking at videos of the accident, the ice appears thick enough that the driver almost – that’s almost – made it across the pond.

Body found encased in ice on golf course pond – UPDATED

In warmer weather…

The face of a man’s body encased in ice startled groundskeepers working near the 16th hole of a north metro golf course Friday.

While checking conditions of the Majestic Oaks Golf Course in Ham Lake at about 1:15 p.m., they discovered what appeared to be a face sticking out of the ice covering a pond, said Lt. Paul Sommer of the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office.

Initial reports indicated that the head had been severed, but the body appears to be intact, Sommer said Friday night. Because the body was contorted, with its head partially above the ice and body below, along with the apparent toll animals had taken, authorities were initially misled. Most of the face and head appeared to have been eaten at, exposing the throat, Sommer said. It is too early to determine an age of the victim or cause of death, although authorities suspect foul play. Other than damage to the face, the cold appears to have preserved the remainder of the body, Sommer said.

Only a portion of the body was exposed when the workers found it. The remainder was trapped in 2 feet of ice. Authorities used a steamer from the Anoka County Highway Department to remove the body from the ice so as not to damage it.

There’s no straight protocol for removing a body encased in ice, so we used the steamer rather than chipping it out,” Sommer said.

I guess if you don’t find bodies encased in ice – very frequently – you don’t need to establish a standard protocol.

UPDATE: He’s been identified as Jeffrey Scott O’Donnell, homeless. No autopsy results yet for COD.