Prostitution and drugs to be included in Italy’s GDP data

Italy’s gross domestic product is poised to rise with the addition of estimates for its narcotics, prostitution and contraband trades in its calculations.

Estimates of black market revenue will be included to comply with new European Union rules, Italy’s statistics agency Istat announced Thursday. Hidden economic activity, including prostitution, the drug trade, contraband tobacco products and illegally manufactured alcohol will be included, an Istat report said.

The information will be blended into gross domestic product (GDP) data beginning in 2015.

The new list of illegal revenue producers will be included so the European Union gets a better picture of member states’ true economies. An accurate depiction of a country’s economic status is useful in ascertaining if certain target ratios, such as debt-to-GDP, are being met.

Har. Imagine some of the other places we could use this kind of interpolation?

Congress? Non-profit charities with CEOs receiving 7-figure salaries? Twelve-step religion-du-jour?

Memphis cop brings illicit sexual meaning to protect and serve!

Memphis hooker delivery service

Yes, officers are sworn to uphold the law, but one Memphis police officer had other plans of what he would do with his police authority and MPD provided squad car.

Thirty year old Memphis police officer Sean McWhirter decided he would use his squad car to transport and traffick prostitutes from Memphis to Mississippi.

Unfortunately for McWhirter, he as well as the handful of prostitutes, were all busted by Special Agents and Task Force Officers of the FBI in a sex trafficking sting operation on their last and expected final trip…

According to a release by the Department of Justice, McWhirter was transporting the three women from Memphis to a hotel in Tunica, Mississippi “for the purpose of prostitution.”

McWhirter, who was allegedly offering sex with the girls for $50, has since been released on $10,000 bail after his arrest, relieved of duty with pay, while pending investigation.

Sources add that there may also be some videos of McWhirter at a Memphis nightclub performing sexual acts with one of the prostitutes, McWhirter’s alleged girlfriend. McWhirter allegedly used the sexual acts with her, as a form of promoting sex with the prostitutes…

Protect your hookers – and serve ’em up to paying customers. Across a state line to boot.

No hands, no sex crime — in Italy

Phone sex is all talk and doesn’t constitute an act of prostitution, an Italian court has ruled.

The Italian supreme court Friday overturned a lower court conviction of a Milan man who had paid a woman to talk dirty to him over the telephone.

The man had been convicted of sexual exploitation, but the high court ruled no crime had been committed since the man and the woman had no physical contact.

“Verbally servicing an interlocutor for the purpose of sexual excitement does not constitute a sexual service, if it does not involve the bodily erogenous zones of the person who is getting paid for such a service,” the criminal court ruled.

Italy’s ANSA news service said the court reminded the parties there is a fine line in the case and Italian law says prostitution “may well be carried out via telephone or Internet Web chats” if the customer requests the vendor to perform a specific sex act.

Must be slow season for lawyers and prosecutors. Or they’re just practicing wasting taxpayer euros.

University Vice President busted in vice sting

A Southern Utah University vice president was among eight people arrested in a prostitution sting in Cedar City.

Wesley R. Curtis, 57, the SUU vice president for government relations and regional service, was booked Friday into the Iron County jail on suspicion of a misdemeanor count of sexual solicitation. An online jail log indicates he was released the same day after posting a $623 bond.

Curtis did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

SUU President Michael Benson on Saturday issued a prepared statement.

“Given the charges filed against Wes Curtis, the University is placing him on paid administrative leave, per university policy,” Benson’s statement said. “This leave is effective immediately and pending the outcome of an investigation into the alleged misconduct.

We are concerned for Wes and his family and extend our love and support as the investigation continues…”

Isn’t that thoughtful?

“This is not like a girl in scanty clothes walking down the street making a proposition,” task force commander Dave McIntyre said. “You have to take some pretty substantial steps to set this up.”

At the motel, an undercover woman officer negotiated with the men to trade money for sex before other officers arrived to arrest them, McIntyre said.

Just like they teach you in a proper business school.

Five in LA sentenced for sex trafficking – using witch doctors!

Five people were given long prison terms for using threats from witch doctors to force young Guatemalan women into prostitution, officials in Los Angeles said.

The defendants, members of an extended family from Guatemala, used threats of physical violence to keep the women in line, including threats of curses delivered by witch doctors, officials said.

“There were at least 10 victims who were forced into becoming prostitutes under a variety of threats, as well as actual physical attacks that included rapes,” U.S. Attorney Tom O’Brien said.

The release said the suspects lured the women to the Los Angeles area and forced them work long hours while keeping nearly all the money they earned. The women were also locked in at night to prevent them from escaping.

Sounds like the next excuse that will be used by a Republican politician caught peddling sexual favors.