Apple drops both shoes on Mac clone maker – for copyright and trademark violations

Apple’s list of grievances against Mac clone maker Psystar spans 16 pages, but, in the end, its argument boils down to the one expected. Psystar, Apple says, had no right to do what it did, and should be stopped and forced to pay.

In its lawsuit, a copy of which was seen by CNET News courtesy of our colleagues at ZDNet, Apple alleges copyright infringement, inducement of copyright infringement, trademark infringement, as well as a couple of other legal claims. It seeks any profits earned by Psystar from its Open Computer, triple damages for willful acts, a permanent injunction against the sale of the product, as well as recall of those units already sold.

John Ferrell, chairman of the intellectual property practice at Carr & Ferrell added that One Infinite Loop, the road that stretches through Apple’s headquarters, “is littered with the wrecked business plans of companies that have tried to copy and sell Apple look-alikes.”

Lots of lawyerly quoting in the article. No one thinks Psystar has a snowball’s chance.