Artistic fakes – compliment or just counterfeit?

A leading Indian artist has said he was “stupefied and outraged” to find that many of his paintings at a show he was inaugurating were fakes. SH Raza was inaugurating the exhibition at an art gallery in Delhi.

“At this stage of my life, this was the last thing I wanted to do – grace an exhibition of my own fake paintings. I am so upset and cannot get over it,” Mr Raza wrote in the Mail Today newspaper…

This shows Indian art in a very poor light. We need to find out how this happened,” Mr Raza wrote.

The owner of the 70-year-old gallery, Uma Ravi Jain, told the BBC that Mr Raza’s paintings for the exhibition were sourced from the painter’s nephew.

The owner of the gallery admitted that fakes had become a big problem in India’s growing art industry.

Sounds like the faker is in the family.