The ominous billboard of Angela Merkel’s hands

Eyeing re-election, German Chancellor Angela Merkel put up a new billboard next to Berlin’s main train station.

It immediately became a meme.

The mosaic, composed of single photographs of hands, shows the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). The orange banner on the left reads “Germany in good hands.”

The tumblr Merkel-Raute or “Merkel Hash,” has been compiling them under the tag “The hands of the Merkel – Germany’s future is in good hands” in German.

Here’s a link to the whole article – and several funny efforts.

My favorite –

America’s hope against hope

Illustration by Matt Wuerker

After a hard-fought election campaign, costing well in excess of $2 billion, it seems to many observers that not much has changed in American politics: Barack Obama is still President, the Republicans still control the House of Representatives, and the Democrats still have a majority in the Senate. With America facing a “fiscal cliff” – automatic tax increases and spending cuts at the start of 2013 that will most likely drive the economy into recession unless bipartisan agreement on an alternative fiscal path is reached – could there be anything worse than continued political gridlock?

In fact, the election had several salutary effects – beyond showing that unbridled corporate spending could not buy an election, and that demographic changes in the United States may doom Republican extremism. The Republicans’ explicit campaign of disenfranchisement in some states – like Pennsylvania, where they tried to make it more difficult for African-Americans and Latinos to register to vote – backfired: those whose rights were threatened were motivated to turn out and exercise them. In Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard law professor and tireless warrior for reforms to protect ordinary citizens from banks’ abusive practices, won a seat in the Senate…

The Republicans should not have been caught off-guard by Americans’ interest in issues like disenfranchisement and gender equality. While these issues strike at the core of a country’s values – of what we mean by democracy and limits on government intrusion into individuals’ lives – they are also economic issues. As I explain in my book The Price of Inequality, much of the rise in US economic inequality is attributable to a government in which the rich have disproportionate influence – and use that influence to entrench themselves. Obviously, issues like reproductive rights and gay marriage have large economic consequences as well…

…Here is what Americans should hope for: a strong “jobs” bill – based on investments in education, health care, technology, and infrastructure – that would stimulate the economy, restore growth, reduce unemployment, and generate tax revenues far in excess of its costs, thus improving the country’s fiscal position. They might also hope for a housing program that finally addresses America’s foreclosure crisis…

America – and the world – would also benefit from a US energy policy that reduces reliance on imports not just by increasing domestic production, but also by cutting consumption, and that recognizes the risks posed by global warming. Moreover, America’s science and technology policy must reflect an understanding that long-term increases in living standards depend upon productivity growth, which reflects technological progress that assumes a solid foundation of basic research…

Americans should hope for all of this, though I am not sanguine that they will get much of it.& More likely, America will muddle through – here another little program for struggling students and homeowners, there the end of the Bush tax cuts for millionaires, but no wholesale tax reform, serious cutbacks in defense spending, or significant progress on global warming.

With the euro crisis likely to continue unabated, America’s continuing malaise does not bode well for global growth. Even worse, in the absence of strong American leadership, longstanding global problems – from climate change to urgently needed reforms of the international monetary system – will continue to fester. Nonetheless, we should be grateful: it is better to be standing still than it is to be heading in the wrong direction.

Optimist that I am – still as cynical as Joe Stiglitz the author of this piece – we have 2014 and 2016 to look forward to. Americans may just be bright enough, confident enough, to push the House back to solid enough Democrat control at the mid-term to enable progressive legislation to be funded. I expect no miracles from our voters or elected officials – but, I think we’ll have the market on our side.

At this moment, I’m confident in Hillary running in 2016 – and her added experience in foreign policy [as tawdry as that has continued to be] better equips her for the battles for the presidency.

Should be fun. We may get a little further along the road to solvency and modernity.

Ex-Congressman Says Campaign Manager Embezzled Funds

Sohn and Shays

In late November, Christopher Shays was still absorbing the shock of having lost his bid for re-election after 22 years in Congress when he made a troubling discovery: Tens of thousands of dollars had disappeared from his campaign treasury.

The news got worse, according to an adviser to Mr. Shays: The man Mr. Shays entrusted to run his political operation for nearly a decade had been quietly draining the account and had spent nearly $200,000 on Red Sox tickets, limousine travel, mysterious withdrawals at the Foxwoods casino and a donation of more than $1,000 to his synagogue.

The campaign manager, Michael Sohn, has not (yet) been charged with a crime…

In an interview this week, Mr. Shays said, “To lose an election is difficult; what happened since then is unimaginable…”

Mr. Sohn began as an intern for Mr. Shays and eventually became one of his most trusted advisers, Mr. Shays said. As campaign manager, he helped lead Mr. Shays to victories through a series of tough elections over the past decade before the congressman’s defeat in November.

It was a tough period politically for Mr. Shays, who until his defeat was the only Republican from New England in the House of Representatives. Democratic leaders in Washington had made him a target for defeat, pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the district, while the national Republican Party…left Mr. Shays to fend for himself.

Criminals beget crime – to wax Old Testamentish. Washington corruption and cronyism – even when working for a reasonably straight arrow style Republican like Chris Shays – has got to rub off on your brain.

You see the wheeler dealers skimming money and favors, the government accepts it, Congress stays clammed up about it, newspapers never do more than vaguely allude to it – why expect everyone to live up to civics class standards?

Part of changing requires changing the landscape.