Early voting in my neck of the prairie [UPDATED]

Early voting in New Mexico is the highest since we went for Obama in 2008. A positive sign, I hope.

New Mexico voters continued to head to the polls and return absentee ballots early, as 322,880 voters had already cast their ballots as of Tuesday morning: 154,578 through early in-person voting and 71,939 through returning absentee ballots.

The number of returned absentee ballots is now the second-most in state history, only behind the 172,136 absentee ballots returned in 2008, and is poised to break that year’s record total by tomorrow morning (21st).

As of Tuesday morning (20th), 44.77 percent of all voters who requested absentee ballots have returned them. UPDATE: as of Wednesday, that return record is now 49.43%.

Tuesday was the final day for voters to request absentee ballots.

Throw the stink out of the White House. It will take a while not only to fumigate the place; but, sort out the damage that garbage-brain did to previous legislation with aid from the failed and failing Republican Party.

They couldn’t offer any new upstanding honest candidates. Relied instead on populist fervor for bigotry and greed. No surprise in American political history.

Something we might rectify by shit-canning the absurdity of an electoral college…allowing democracy to better serve this nation.