Trump Posts Bizarre Image of His Head Copy-and-Pasted onto Body of Rocky

❝ President Donald Trump shared a bold and bizarrely altered image of himself on social media on Wednesday, amid the ongoing impeachment inquiry and one day before Thanksgiving.

The post shows Trump’s head on the body of boxer Rocky Balboa from the iconic Rocky franchise. The Trump-Rocky hybrid stands in a ring and wears the patriotic gear that actor Sylvester Stallone, who played Rocky, wore on the poster for Rocky III.

And then there’s a more realistic version.

Time lapse illustration of where the air sickness came from…

It may be uncomfortable viewing for anyone afraid of flying, but a video showing the extent to which airplanes are tossed around by winds as they come into land at Heathrow Airport has become an internet hit.

The time-lapse video shows the huge aircraft bobbing around as if on rough seas as they descend towards the runway. The YouTube user who posted the video said he wanted to show how close planes get to each other as they come into land. But some will be more impressed by the effect of air currents during the descent.

Good thing I don’t drink and fly.