The OldChilla Concert

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If this is a handy venue – and you’re young enough to wonder why so many geezers uniformly agree that much of today’s music is crap – here’s an opportunity to find out what we’re talking about. Most of these artists are younger than me; but, that’s not saying much. 🙂

I know some of them are still in good voice. Regardless, worth checking out.

Me? I’m still a New Mexico hermit. I won’t be there; but, one of our regular contributors, Ursarodinia, will be there with bells on. And maybe a cardboard camel.

Pope tried to stop Rolling Stones from playing in Cuba on Good Friday

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The Pope tried to halt the historic Rolling Stones gig in Cuba…

He wanted them to avoid Good Friday but the band still played the Communist state’s first open-air rock concert by a western band.

Mick Jagger declared it “a great historic moment” . And he added: “Time changes everything. We are really pleased to be here.”

The Vatican had asked them not to play on Good Friday, even suggesting they start at midnight to avoid the holy day.

But the rockers vowed not to let down the 500,000 fans expected at the free outdoor gig in the capital Havana…

Much as they didn’t want to upset the Pope, they had a contract to play and were going to honour it…

A second source said the Stones respectfully replied to the Vatican, saying other global music events were being held on Good Friday.

Pope Francis hosted talks between US and Cuban officials last year, paving the way for Barack Obama this week to become the first serving US leader in 88 years to visit the Caribbean island.

It wasn’t just Good Friday in Havana. It was the Best Friday.

Susan Boyle’s New Album Sets Record for Most Preorders in History

[Susan Boyle’s] new disc “I Dreamed a Dream” – out November 23 – has racked up the most pre-orders in history….

She became a singing phenom after her April performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” on “Britain’s Got Talent” captured hearts of people around the world.

But the media and fan attention – including over 100 million views of her “Cry Me a River” video on – took its toll on the singer.

After finishing second in the talent competition, the songstress had a string of public outbursts and erratic behavior. She then spent five days at a psychiatric facility in June.

This marks Boyle’s first recording and includes a cover of “Wild Horses.”

Good for her.

Check out her performance of “Wild Horses” here: Wild Horses. Tell me what you think.

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Mick Jagger hits pension age

From Saturday, Mick Jagger will be entitled to a basic state pension of just under 91 pounds ($180) a week. But he will have to wait another five years for free roof insulation — that benefit is only available to Britons aged over 70.

The lead singer of British rock band The Rolling Stones turns 65 on Saturday, making him an old age pensioner, albeit in name only…

Jagger is likely to face renewed questions about his future and that of his band now that he has reached retirement age, but he should be used to it.

More than 45 years ago he was asked how long he could keep going with the Rolling Stones, and in a separate interview, his questioner said: “Can you picture yourself at the age of 60 doing what you’re doing now?”

“Yeah, easily. Yeh,” he replied.

Rock on, Mick!