Newborn left behind on NZ plane – more than an ‘oops!”

New Zealand police are investigating whether a woman abandoned her baby after giving birth aboard a flight to Auckland from Samoa.

Initial reports say the woman, believed to be a 30-year-old Samoan, left the baby on the plane upon landing.

The baby was found by an airline worker in a toilet compartment more than an hour later, local media reported.

Mother and child have since been reunited and are being cared for in hospital, an airline statement said.

The woman was trying to exit the airport but had misplaced her passport, New Zealand TV quoted airport sources as saying.

When she sought the help of the authorities, they noticed she was pale and her clothing was blood-stained.

The newborn was found shortly afterwards by an airline worker. One source said the baby was found in the toilet rubbish bin.

There are many flavors of post-partum dementia. Be glad that everything appears to have worked out OK – so far. I hope she gets sufficient care over the next few months at a minimum.