Nutballs attack memorials to victims of Sandy Hook shootings


A playground honoring a seven-year-old victim of the Sandy Hook School massacre in Connecticut was vandalized by a man who told the girl’s mother in a phone call just days before Mother’s Day that the shootings were a “hoax” and her daughter never existed…

Police are investigating the theft of a 50lb vinyl sign from a playground in Mystic, Connecticut, dedicated to first-grader Grace McDonnell, who was gunned down with her classmates in 2012.

“It’s sick that some people would do something this horrific to a family already so traumatized,” said Bill Lavin, who is organizing the effort to build 26 playgrounds to commemorate the 20 children and six adults killed in the shooting spree on 14 December 2012…

The theft in Mystic marked the second act of vandalism at Connecticut playgrounds honoring Sandy Hook victims. Just days earlier, vandals spray-painted graffiti on a sign at a playground in Hartford that is dedicated to first-grader Anna Grace Marquez-Greene.

The sign in the Mystic playground named to honor Grace McDonnell on 27 April included a peace symbol based on her artwork…

“We’ve been getting calls from people around the country who are outraged and have already sent enough in donations that we will put up more signs and billboards with the message to ‘Live Grace-Fully’ in honor of Grace,” Lavin said. Lavin said the vandalism was discovered after the man phoned Lynn McDonnell, Grace’s mother, early last week “to tell her he took the sign because it was all a hoax”.

OK, I agree. There are scumbags slinking around this country who should be locked up forever. Incommunicado.

After all, their brains have been closed for a long, long time.