There’s a demo, tomorrow at noon, against Trump’s criminal politics. The focus is on the Middle East, Iran and Iraq. If you have the opportunity, come to the intersection of St, Francis and Cerrillos to make your voice heard.

That’s Thursday, 9th, at noon.

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More jobs from “Game of Thrones”

❝ A former Caterpillar plant on the south end of Santa Fe will become a fabrication, welding, wood shop, art, design and manufacturing facility that will feed Meow Wolf’s creative exhibits as the arts production business expands nationally.

❝ “It’s an ideal space, we can grow into it,” said Vince Kadlubek, co-founder of the arts collective, which has drawn more than a half-million visitors to the interactive House of Eternal Return exhibit it opened last March in a former bowling alley on Rufina Circle. The privately held company created the multimedia complex in collaboration with fantasy-fiction writer George R.R. Martin, who owns that space and leases it back to Meow Wolf.

❝ The 52,000-square-foot building at 2600 Camino Entrada, where until last year Caterpillar workers assembled engine components, was purchased by Meow Wolf with help from its lenders and investment partners. The business saw a profit of about $1 million in its first year of operating House of Eternal Return.

Kadlubek has said that success proved that an immersive space which layers music, visual art, electronics, and theater can draw multi-generational visitors. The new building is a major step toward launching the Meow Wolf brand outside New Mexico.

Keep on rocking in the Free World – of imagination, creativity.

Santa Fe stands firm as a sanctuary city

Javier Gonzales

❝ Less than a week after Donald Trump won the election for president of the United States, the mayor of New Mexico’s capital city is not backing down from so-called “sanctuary” status.

This comes despite threats to cut federal money to such cities made by the president-elect during the campaign.

“The threat is intended to divide us against each other,” Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales wrote in a statement on Twitter Monday afternoon. “It is one of the first, but it won’t be the last we see out of this administration, which based on its own words intends to persecute and attack not only immigrants but women, Muslims, people of color, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and more.”

❝ Though there is no formal legal definition, the politically charged term “sanctuary city” typically refers to cities that limit cooperation with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency on immigration policies.

Santa Fe, for example, bars the use of public resources to check for someone’s immigration status. That means city police are not supposed to check the immigration status of someone they arrest…

❝ Gonzales also vowed to fight in court should a Trump administration follow through with this promise.

“We don’t relish having to re-litigate issues which we hoped were long-settled, but we won’t hesitate to rise to the occasion when we must,” Gonzales said…

Mayors of other “sanctuary” cities like Chicago, Minneapolis and San Francisco made similar pledges to keep their status on Monday.

Racists continue to demand all citizens assist their bigotry. Xenophobes, sexists, the whole midden heap of ideological garbage that unites Trumpkins will be set upon Americans as the religious crusade against a modern free nation escalates.

Stand firm sisters and brothers.

Pic of the day

SF Annual Manual
Click to enlargePhoto by James McConnell

Jim McConnell is the sort of Renaissance Man who inevitably spends some portion of his life in and around Santa Fe. Or should. In between stints teaching anthropology, marching for equal rights, writing screenplays in too many countries to count along with too many other crafts to note here – he’s resuming his love affair with photography late-ish in life.

This is one of his.

When he gets round to kicking-off a photo website it will be listed on the photography blogroll sidebar on my personal site. We do like his work very much.

Governor Susana opposes decriminalizing marijuana – and she really hates folks turning out to vote on it!

NM weed

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez says she opposes efforts in Albuquerque and Santa Fe to reduce marijuana possession penalties.

Martinez said at an event in Bernalillo that marijuana possession is illegal under federal law and she believes that’s the way it should remain. She called current penalties appropriate.

The Santa Fe city clerk said Monday that petitioners seeking to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana garnered enough signatures to put the measure on the ballot…And Albuquerque city councilors voted Monday to ask voters whether they supported reduced penalties, although Mayor Richard Berry could veto the measure. [Count on it!]

Martinez called the efforts political moves to get young voters to the polls

Governor Susana’s statement – rooted in RNC ideology – the larger concern is that allowing marijuana initiatives to be placed on a ballot will result in a higher voter turnout primarily among younger people who might otherwise not vote – which has proven to reduce the prospects for Republican candidates being elected.

Thanks, Mike

Argument over space aliens + handgun hidden in “private parts” = aggravated assault arrest

McCarthy’s boyfriend isn’t named “Data” is he?

Jennifer McCarthy, 48, was arrested Saturday morning and booked into the Santa Fe County jail on a charge of aggravated assault on a household member…

According to a police statement filed in Magistrate Court, McCarthy’s boyfriend told a deputy responding to a disturbance that McCarthy started performing a sex act with a silver handgun, asked, “Who is crazy, you or me?” then took the gun and pointed it at his head.

The gun came into play after the couple had argued about space aliens…

…McCarthy left the couple’s home on Aventura Road in Santa Fe, according to the boyfriend’s account…When she came back, she went into the bedroom and came out dressed in lingerie and with the handgun in her private parts.

The boyfriend, who was not identified in the police statement, grabbed the gun after she pointed it at his head. He said he was afraid she was going to pull the trigger.

The boyfriend went into the bathroom and put the gun in the toilet. He told the deputy that when McCarthy went to retrieve the gun, he got it himself and put it in a trash can outdoors.

That’s where the deputy, who’d been dispatched to the house about 10:50 a.m., found the gun. The deputy arrested McCarthy and booked her on the aggravated assault charge.

RTFA which includes a 911 emergency call from McCarthy. Edited so as not to offend any of the more sheltered readers of the Albuquerque JOURNAL.

Is anyone in New Mexico astounded over an incident like this? I doubt it. After all, just across the valley from me is the county’s official welcoming center and landing site for UFO’s. I’ve never seen anything land there other than model airplanes belonging to local radio-control hobbyists. But – what do I know?

Santa Fe County issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples — UPDATED

Siegle Stefanics
Linda Siegle and Liz Stefanics got the first license – Liz is a County Commissioner

Recognized as the leading political journalist in New Mexico, Steve Terrell posted this at his blog. An updated version will appear in the SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN, Saturday.

The floodgates have opened. Same-sex marriage has begun in Santa Fe.

County Clerk Geraldine Salazar this afternoon began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples following an order from state District Judge Sarah Singleton that said Salazar should immediately start issuing the licenses or appear at a court hearing to show good cause why she shouldn’t.

There was almost a party atmosphere at the County Administration building as couples lined up to get marriage licenses — the first time in New Mexico in which the issuance of such licenses was backed up by a court order. Friends and loved ones hugged each other in the hallways while some of the couples decided to get married right away in the County Commission Chambers upstairs.

One person who wasn’t happy, however, was state Sen. Bill Sharer, R-Farmington, a long-time opponent of gay marriage. “This isn’t about marriage, it’s about who makes laws,” Sharer said in a telephone interview.

Shortly before 5 p.m. a staffer in the clerk’s office said 41 same-sex couples had been issued licenses. “And they’re still coming,” he said. The clerk’s office is staying open until 7 p.m. to handle the line of gay couples flocking in to get licenses…

The first couple to take advantage of the new licenses was County Commissioner Liz Stephanics and her partner of 23 years, Linda Siegle, who is a longtime lobbyist for gay rights as well as a member of the Santa Fe Community College board. They were married minutes later in the commission chambers by Santa Fe Probate Judge Mark Basham…

The next same-sex couple to receive a license were Alexander Hanna and Yon Hudson, a Santa Fe couple whose lawsuit prompted the order from Singleton. Both said they intend to wait on their wedding until family and friends from out of town can attend…

Another couple to get a license and get married Friday was Jen Roper and Angelique Neuman of Pojoaque. Earlier this week, Roper, who is suffering brain cancer, filed an emergency court request for a marriage license because of her deteriorating health. They got married at the Christus-St. Vincent Cancer Center, where Roper was being treated with chemo therapy…

Salazar said…“I am a fervent supporter of same-sex marriage in New Mexico and have always believed that the restrictive and antiquated statutes in our state must fall to principles of equal protection embodied in our constitution,” Salazar said in a statement.

“I have been frustrated recently wanting to issue licenses but being confronted with long standing statutes that do not permit it. Now that Judge Singleton has ordered me to issue a license to Messrs. Hanna and Hudson on constitutional grounds, I intend to do so and to issue a license to any same-sex couple who desires one and are otherwise qualified…

Watching local television coverage, we witnessed enough happiness today to wring tears from a heart of stone. Unfortunately, Tea Party/Republican bigots haven’t any hearts at all. So, everyone expects them to proceed with some kind of lawsuit. And Sunday morning should bring Catholic priests around the state declaring the AntiChrist is here to steal all the green chile in New Mexico.

It’s a pity that equal rights before the law scares the crap out of so many little people.

UPDATE: A judge in Bernalillo County joined decisions by county clerks and another judge in Santa Fe County and ruled that keeping same-sex couples from marrying was unconstitutional. Bernalillo County includes the population center for the state of New Mexico – Albuquerque – so, in addition to Santa Fe and Dona Ana County [which includes Las Cruces], the three counties comprising probably 95% of the state’s population have joined in validating civil rights for all for marriage.

A great day.

Need your teeth fixed cheap? Go and see “El Dentista” over there – in the red Chevy!

A man who calls himself “El Dentista” is facing charges after Santa Fe police say the unlicensed tooth doctor was found operating as a “mobile dentist” out of a sedan around town.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that 36-year-old Eliver Kestler, also known as Eliver Lopez, was arrested Saturday following a tip from a former customer.

According to police, investigators discovered Kestler with a portable drill machine and other dental equipment in a small, red Chevrolet sedan.

Authorities say Kestler told police that he had a dentistry license in Mexico but no license in the U.S. Kestler, who was wearing blue hospital scrubs when he met with police, was arrested on a number of charges, including practicing dentistry without a license.

It was unclear if he had an attorney.

You have to understand there is nothing surprising about this story, here in the Southwest. Especially in New Mexico.