Cigarette + wind gust + beehive hairdo = towering inferno!

A woman suffered serious burns after her beehive hairdo turned into a fiery beacon when gust of wind caught her cigarette.

Sasha Butler, 43, had just lit the cigarette outside a shop when the wind flipped it into her face, setting fire to her heavily-hairsprayed fringe. Shoppers watched in horror as flames engulfed her head…

She managed to smother the fire with her hands before collapsing in agony…

Shop owner Benny Krige said: ”The woman got herself to the shop and collapsed, her hair still smoking.

”My staff got her comfortable, gave her some basic first aid and dialled 999…”

Fire crews were called but the woman had already managed to smother the blaze with her hands before they arrived.

The woman was airlifted to a specialist burns unit at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She suffered burns to her head, face and smoke inhalation.

Cigarette smoking on its own is deadly enough over time. Setting yourself on fire with one more than compounds the danger.