Shrink says dad incapable of care for 4-year-old son because he refused to take kid to McDonald’s

An Upper East Side father has filed a defamation lawsuit against a court-appointed psychologist, claiming she branded him “wholly” incapable of handling his 4-year-old son after he refused to take the boy to McDonald’s.

David Schorr, a former corporate attorney, said in court papers his son “threw a temper tantrum” Oct. 30 when he said no to Mickey D’s.

Schorr said he drew the line at the Golden Arches because his boy had been eating “too much junk food,” the papers state.

Instead, Schorr gave the boy two options: another restaurant or no dinner at all.

“The child, stubborn as a mule, chose the ‘no dinner’ option,” the papers state…

Dad should get a fracking medal!

So the dad returned the hungry boy to his mother, Bari Yunis Schorr. And the angry boy ratted on his pop.

Schorr claims the mom then alerted psychologist Marilyn Schiller, who reported the “incident” to the judge and recommended that Schorr’s visitation time be reduced after questioning him…

Adding insult to injury, Schorr said, “My wife immediately took him to McDonald’s…”

Nothing like letting your child know they can get their way by screaming loud enough. And eating crap food is OK.