Suspect in 5,000-acre wildfire was burning used toilet paper

Felicia Fonseca/AP

A 57-year-old man arrested on suspicion of sparking a 5,000-acre forest fire in Arizona told deputies he was burning used toilet paper Saturday while living in the Coconino National Forest…

Less than an hour after the fire was reported, a sheriff’s deputy spotted a Chevrolet pickup driving away from the area. The deputy pulled over the driver, who initially said he was camping when he spotted the wildfire, according to charging documents filed in court.

The driver, later identified as Matthew Riser of Louisiana, then said he had burned used toilet paper with a lighter at noon the day before and placed it under a rock. He told the deputy he didn’t think the fire would smolder all night and did not see the “No campfires” signs posted throughout the area…

Riser showed a deputy where he had burned his toilet paper near the campsite. The deputy found human feces under a rock.

Riser was booked on suspicion of building an illegal fire, living on U.S. Forest Service land and possessing a controlled substance, according to federal charging documents.

Correct spelling of his last name should be L-O-S-E-R.

Stoner tweets request for weed to get him through the day — coppers reply!

A Toronto-area mechanic shop worker said he was fired after a tweet he posted asking for marijuana received a reply from police.

The worker, posting on Twitter with the username Sunith Baheerathan, indicated he was at work at the Mr. Lube location in Concord when he put out the request for marijuana Tuesday…

“Any dealers in Vaughan wanna make a 20sac chop? Come to Keele/Langstaff Mr. Lube, need a spliff or two to help me last this open to close,” he tweeted.

However, instead of getting a response from a dealer, the tweet received a reply from the York Regional Police.

Awesome! Can we come too?” the reply tweet read.

Police brought the tweet to the attention of Mr. Lube bosses, who addressed the controversy Tuesday night on the store’s Twitter page.

“Thank you to the York Regional Police for your help and great work. The matter has now been handled,” the company said.

Sunith Baheerathan confirmed on his Twitter account that he was fired.

“Just got the call of termination,” he tweeted.

Some folks truly think they must spin out their lives on social media. Har.