News about the police shootings in Baton Rouge

Click to enlargeJoe Penney/Reuters

Or, rather, news about news sources. As much as our TV Talking Heads and print journalists pat themselves on the back about “the Fourth Estate” and Freedom of the Press – they do a pretty mediocre job.

These shootings happened very recently. I haven’t checked on what time; but, as I walked into the house from grocery shopping, a notification from the BBC dinged into place at the top of my iPad in the living room. Picked it up and checked quickly through the numerous news apps I keep at hand. I’m a news junkie.

Quick responsive posts from the BBC, the Guardian, AlJazeera. Nothing from AP, NY Times, Washington Post, local newspapers, TV stations. The first traditional American source on the job was Bloomberg. As I would expect. They do a better job than CNN did BITD when they were a real news source.

Just saying. If you want to keep in touch with what’s going on in the world, keep some real news sources on your handheld computing device. Not just the usual plastic desert.

The terrorists have won. U.S. media guarantees it!

Living in America, it is easy to forget that the plot to blow up a plane over Detroit on Christmas Day actually failed.

No one was killed and – apart from the plotter himself and the man who tackled him – no one was hurt.

Yet the country seems to be reeling.

Pundit after pundit frets that the threat is not being taken seriously enough, that the world – changed after 9/11 forever – has just changed again and that America is insufficiently aware of just how serious this is…

Military fighter jets escorted an airliner back to a Midwest airport when a passenger would not put away his hand luggage.

Newark airport was closed when a man nipped under a security barrier to kiss his girlfriend and several flights have been cancelled after sniffer dogs started barking. The culprit in one case – a jar of honey! It is a sticky business getting it right…

Terrorists want to create terror. It is in the job description..!

Of course it is one of Obama’s trade marks that he is cool and analytical but the commentators want, not a problem solver, but an emoter-in-chief.

They have a political objective but their complaint boils down to the fact he did not appear frightened enough. He was not terrified.

The danger is that al-Qaeda did succeed on Christmas Day with the help of their unwitting foot soldiers in the American mass media.

The United States has been a nation of obedient hypocrites for so long, I think the American people don’t even recognize when they are being herded from one corral to another. A nation of sheep, so accustomed to being told how to part their hair, how to dress and smell – that whether it’s Madison Avenue hucksters or Karl Rove and his liar-in-chief, Dick Cheney – the patriotic American public says “How high do you want me to jump, sir!”