Trump returns to the White House with fresh color on the old face

Over the weekend, a tweeted photo of President Donald Trump made the social media rounds. In it, Trump is captured walking on the South Lawn of the White House grounds on Friday.

Now, Friday was a very windy day in Washington as a front blew through and the temperature dropped from the 60s in the morning to the 30s in the afternoon. That wind blew the President’s hair backward on his head as the photo was taken — and revealed what appeared to be a dark layer of make-up (or self tanner) around Trump’s face and abruptly ending at his jawline. Dark and then, suddenly, stark white.

“More Fake News,” he [Trump] wrote about the picture…

…looking for a photo of the same moment from another photographer — and this is what turned up…


Here’s what we do know from looking at the Reynolds image: Trump’s face is two different shades. Is it heavy makeup? Is it a tan?

The Fake President’s handlers have a few choices. None wish to admit to ManTan vanity. Least of all the Phony-in-Chief.

Change coming to Afghanistan Strykers paint job – Duh!

Understand that half the “Change” Obama has to bring to the government of these United States is the elimination of Cheneyesque corruption and cronyism – and reversing Bush Era stupidity.

Sure blends into the landscape doesn’t it?

More than six years after sending the first Stryker armored vehicles into desert combat, the Army has decided that it’s probably a good idea to start painting them tan so they will blend in with the environments in Afghanistan and Iraq…“Strykers will blend into surroundings better. They’re less likely to stand out like silhouettes…”

The Army and its contracting agencies have been talking about changing the color of the Strykers since 2004, according to Butts, “but nothing firm was planned out until now.”

RTFA. There is some real “insight” displayed by soldiers and officers who just discovered that standing out like a sore thumb isn’t an advantage.

Field units cannot change the color themselves. There’s a facility for that. In another country.

The production line vehicles can only be ordered in one color; so, green it is unless the Pentagon changes to desert tan – for everywhere.