World Tapir Day

Mother and child

Celebrated yet? On the 27th April every year, we celebrate the majestic animal, the tapir.

The cute, friendly animals with wiggly noses look a bit like fairytale pigs, but they are actually related to horses.

Scientists believe that these animals have changed little over tens of millions of years.

They should also be your favourite animal. Here’s why.

Click the link through to an article I especially recommend showing your kids. Anyone’s kids.

Dew-soaked bugs — macro photography in wet weather

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A dew-soaked Ant.

Ondrej Pakan, from Myjava, Slovakia, captures stunning macro photos of bugs covered in tiny water droplets. The photographer, who specialises in capturing insects seconds after a downpour, said: “I get soaked waiting for the rain to finish, but it all seems worth it when you get really great shots of the insects with drops on them.”

The Telegraph truly offers great photographs on a daily basis.

The found art that is photography – melting icebergs by Souders

The setting midnight sun lights a massive arched iceberg from the Ilulissat Kangerlua Glacier

“Several of the shots remind me that I’m lucky to be alive. There was a massive arched iceberg in Greenland that captivated me,” says Paul. “The midnight sun lit the arch with this amazing orange light, but the only way to photograph it was to motor inside it. The berg was shaped like an enormous hollow molar, and I sucked up my courage to dash in with my boat, shooting the scene as fast as I could. The light was fading fast and I was pretty worried that the whole thing could collapse, roll over, dump me in the ocean. I kept listening for the thunderclap that would mean the end for me. A tour boat from the nearby village motored past and watched in disbelief. I could hear the guide telling them how very, very dangerous this was. When I was done, I yelled across to them, “Please don’t tell my mom!

While I’ve never cared to work at being a professional photographer, I’ve known a few. Specialists in everything from food to motorsports. Truly tempting way to earn a living recording truth, beauty – or seemingly unimportant moments.

My own work – especially outdoors – is with nature as found art. I’m only a recordkeeper. I can tweak and tune a bit and prefer to do so with rather elemental and simple software. As I did in a darkroom years ago.

Talent like Paul Souder’s deserves a special level of recognition.