Sweden ranked Top of the World for treatment of elderly

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Sweden is the best place in the world to be old and Afghanistan the worst, according to a UN-backed global study.

The Global AgeWatch Index examined the quality of life of the elderly in 91 countries…It warns that many countries do not have adequate support in place for their ageing populations.

By 2050, older people will outnumber children under 15 for the first time, with most of the elderly in developing countries, it said.

The Global AgeWatch Index was complied by the UN Population Fund and advocacy group HelpAge International, and released to mark the UN’s Day of Older Persons…Researchers used 13 different indicators – including income and employment, health provision, education, and environment – in what they said was the first study of kind to be conducted on a global scale.

The study’s authors say countries across the world face an ongoing challenge from the rapidly ageing global population…

While Sweden came top, and Afghanistan was placed last, the top 20 was dominated by countries from Western Europe and North America, along with Japan, Australia and Chile.

Wealth was not the only factor considered, and countries such as Sri Lanka, Bolivia and Mauritius were ranked above several richer nations.

The shake-out in studies like this most always are confounded by a nation’s expression – or lack thereof – of the value of it’s working population. Not only during productive years; but, as they withdraw from the workforces into retirement. Too many nations that look at the working class as just another cog in the wheel of profit are perfectly willing to cast aside wornout workers just like fully-depreciated machinery.

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iPhone 3GS marked AT&T’s “best-ever sales day”

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According to an AT&T company memo, the launch of the iPhone 3GS wasn’t just a banner sales day for the carrier this year but broke records for any single day of retail sales in the company’s history — including for already stellar iPhone sales.

The leaked e-mail characterizes “iLaunch Day 2009,” its nickname for the June 19th iPhone 3GS release date, as the “best-ever sales day” and just second in terms of actual floor traffic. Many of its other sales-related records were also shattered at the same time, ranging from the number of upgrade eligibility checks made in a day to the sheer volume of orders taken through AT&T’s website.

The notice obtained by multiple anonymous MacDailyNews readers also illustrates just how quickly the seemingly more modest iPhone update outpaced the already large-scale iPhone 3G launch last year. 3GS sales not only exceeded the first days after both Thanksgiving and Christmas, either of which have always been popular shopping days, but were so brisk as to overtake the iPhone 3G’s launch day count by just noon in Texas time.

Interest in the stores was so high that AT&T stores were considered at “peak” activity for 11 hours, or nearly half a day, despite the company accepting pre-orders online for days in advance…

The poor buggers perpetually divided by an existential wedgie over Apple anything will have to work a bit harder to turn this into sad news.

No doubt they will.