Mexico wins CONCACAF Gold Cup

Here are the winners

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Bravo, Mexico! this was a hard-fought match between two North American teams. Both have been in re-building mode for appropriate reasons. They were very evenly matched. Personally, I have as about as much expertise as the average fan – who never played the game.

I have only two things to say about the match: 1. The difference to my mind was that Mexico played a better match at defense. 2. I went looking through the pages of GOOGLE for an appropriate photo of the Mexican team celebrating this match – and GOOGLE has done their usual crappy job of showing us anything outside the realm of screaming USA/USA. So, I used the online scoreboard.

I found a photo this morning more representative of the match result and added it to the post.

‘March madness’ offer — get a free pizza with every vasectomy

An enterprising Massachusetts doctor is marking America’s ‘March madness’ basketball season by offering a free pizza with every vasectomy.

Evan Cohen, manager of Urology Associates of Cape Cod, says his patients will be able to watch games as they recover from the 20-minute operation while enjoying their favourite margarita, pepperoni or Hawaiian pizza.

According to Mr Cohen, March is the most popular month for vasectomy procedures, with men preferring to recuperate in the early spring rather than during the summer months.

Millions of men – and many women – take sick days from work during March Madness to watch the NCAA’s college basketball tournament, which features a series of 68 knock out-games on television all through the day and evening for much of March.

Vasectomies usually take between two days and a week to recover from, meaning men who have the procedure will be able to take advantage of the time of year to stay at home and watch basketball on television.

Mr Cohen told ABC: “We see about 100 consults in March, when we typically may only have 20 to 30 [in other months]. We wanted men to relax, and give them an excuse to watch the game.”

I can dig it. And a terrific excuse for time off from work.

Chess vs. Taliban in Kandahar

Under the Taliban, chess was forbidden.

Residents of Kandahar have been taking part in a chess tournament in an attempt to revive one of the city’s former cultural pastimes.

Under the Taliban, chess was forbidden, but the city’s older residents hope this tournament will reintroduce the game to a younger generation.

The event was held at the Kandahar Coffee Shop which also hosts other cultural activities.

Kandahar is a key battleground for the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan.

But Rahim Akrami, a local journalist in the city who watched the tournament, says it is important for younger people to rediscover this once forbidden activity….

“It is very important for us to have something recreational to do that enlightens the mind and is fun as well,” [Aman Ullah, a member of the Kandahar Students Organisation] told the BBC World Service….

A poster saying: ‘It’s better to battle with minds than fists and bullets’ lines the wall.

Mohammed Naseem, the owner of the Kandahar coffee shop, says he wants to provide a place for young people in the city.

“I am trying to create an atmosphere where the youth can hang out and learn something,” he says….

We are trying to show the world that this kind of thing can be done.”

Of course the Taliban would oppose chess, a game of rational thought where, as Lasker said, lies and hypocrisy do not survive long.