Kim — Not Trump — Was Right About Summit Ending

❝ North Korea had the more accurate take on what happened at the summit with President Donald Trump before talks failed, according to an official with the U.S. State Department.

❝ The president claimed Thursday that he had walked away from negotiations in Hanoi after Kim Jong Un demanded that all sanctions against the nation be lifted…“Basically, they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety, and we couldn’t do that,” Trump said. “We had to walk away from that…”

But Pyongyang representatives called a late-night news conference later that day to correct Trump’s statements, saying that Kim wanted only economic sanctions imposed since 2016 lifted — and not any concerning weapons. In exchange, Kim offered to shut down the nation’s main nuclear complex — and was prepared to offer in writing a permanent halt to the nation’s nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests, according to his officials

❝ North Korea’s account of the sanction issue was accurate, a State Department official said Friday in a briefing to the media. The Associated Press reported that Kim had sought the lifting of only United Nations Security Council sanctions imposed since March 2016 — not sanctions going back decades. The concession would have removed sanctions on a range of goods, but not weapons.

But, then, Trump might not have returned home in time to address the Freedom Floggers Whip and Chain Society in Maryland.

Trump says he needs to sign an executive order guaranteeing Free Speech

❝ President Donald Trump vowed Saturday to sign an executive order requiring colleges and universities to “support free speech” in order to be eligible for federal research dollars…Trump was referring to Hayden Williams, a conservative activist who recently made headlines after he was allegedly punched in the face at the University of California Berkeley earlier this week.

❝ Neither Williams nor the man suspected of punching him are students at UC Berkeley…The University of California Police Department said they had identified the suspect as Zachary Greenberg, and that he had been arrested and booked. Police added that the case would be presented to the district attorney’s office for “consideration of the filing of criminal charges.”

Which is how the Law and Order folks in local police departments are supposed to handle incidents like this when they learn of them.

Just one of numerous times the Fake President forgets he already swore to defend the US Constitution at his Inaugural. That includes the Bill of Rights. More often, he chooses to forget the values called for by that document – and US history – by his own words and deeds.

MSCI to Quadruple Weight of Mainland China Stocks in their Indexes

❝ Index provider MSCI Inc. said it would quadruple the contribution of mainland Chinese companies’ to its benchmarks, a move that makes shares in Shanghai SHCOMP, +1.80% and Shenzhen 399106, +1.20% all but unignorable for many international investors…

The decision is likely to pull tens of billions of dollars into China. The world’s second-largest economy is also set to enter a world bond index in April and a rival global stock index in June.

❝ Trump and his Chump Army will crap their USA/USA-drawers when they comprehend this is the barest beginning of a couple of decades of qualitative growth. Not just measured in plain dollars and cents. In influence, leadership, on a global economic scale.

ADD: Bloomberg has even a better, more detailed note on this.

Fake President and his pimps gave $28.8 billion to banks last year

❝ Banks last year made a record $236.7 billion in profits, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said on Thursday. Had the tax law not been enacted, banks still would have done well — the FDIC estimates they would have made $207.9 billion in 2018. But the law tacked an additional $28.8 billion onto their profits. In the fourth quarter alone, more than half of the increase in net income for banks came from the tax bill…

❝ The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed in December 2017, cut taxes for most Americans, including the middle class, but it heavily benefits the wealthy and corporations. According to estimates from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the top fifth of earners get 70 percent of the bill’s benefits, and the top 1 percent get 34 percent. The new tax treatment for “pass-through” entities — companies organized as sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, or S corporations — meant an estimated $17 billion in tax savings for millionaires in 2018. American corporations are showering their shareholders with stock buybacks, thanks in part to their tax savings.

The owners of big banks, big corporations – not the working families, not folks with a few shares of this and that in their 401K – got to eat the real cake, folks. The rest of the whole country gets to sweep up the crumbs.