Gun-fetish, Trump-suckers

It is a festive family photo with seven broad smiles and a Christmas tree. But one other detail sets it apart: each member of the Massie family is brandishing a machine gun or military-style rifle.

The photo was tweeted last week by Thomas Massie, a Republican congressman from Kentucky, with the caption: “Merry Christmas! PS: Santa, please bring ammo.”

A few days earlier, a school shooting in Michigan left four teenagers dead and seven people injured after a 15-year-old student allegedly went on a rampage…

Massie’s post earned widespread condemnation but was also seen as indicative of a performative, provocative brand of Republican politics, calculated to go viral, “own the libs” – that is, provoke outrage on the left – and contribute to the outsized influence of supporters of Donald Trump…

Each tossing of a verbal grenade commands more airtime than moderate Republicans receive going about legislative business, ensuring that Trump loyalists continue to dominate the national conversation…Massie’s gun fetish post now has more than 80,000 likes on Twitter.

A well-reasoned plea for folks with good sense to stop these shitheads in their tracks. Prevent a re-election of Trump. Help guide the Democratic Party into a political body with dynamism and courage.

Do I think this necessary? You betcha! Do I have confidence in the American electorate, the Democrat Party? Maybe.