Weekend Update

From Margaret Lyons [one of my favorite TV critics]…

Well the good news is, we all have a lot more TV watching time on our hands. The bad news is … basically everything else. Sports are mostly canceled or postponed — except for the Iditarod dog sled race, which I am following closely again this year. Theaters are dark, museums are closed, and it looks as if it might be this way for a bit. My streaming subscriptions are about to get a real workout.

Have a hygienic weekend.

I’ll second that emotion.

Oh…the Julia Child pic? To remind me I’m moving baking my weekly loaf of bread from Monday to Saturday. No special reason, whatsoever.

CCTV installed in schools to spy on four-year-olds

Tory education “expert” Tim Loughton
is chairman of Classwatch

Schools have installed CCTV cameras and microphones in classrooms to watch and listen to pupils as young as four…

Classwatch, the firm behind the system, says its devices can be set up to record everything that goes on in a classroom 24 hours a day and used to compile ‘evidence’ of wrongdoing.

The equipment is sold with Crown Prosecution Service-approved evidence bags to store material to be used in court cases.

But data protection watchdog the Information Commissioner has warned the surveillance may be illegal and demanded to know why primary and secondary schools are using this kind of sophisticated equipment to watch children.

Schools are required to inform all parents that microphones and cameras are monitoring their children.

Oh, well, that makes it all OK, doesn’t it. Sounds like someone in schools administration in the UK has been taking Nazi lessons from Dick Cheney.