Weatherman predicts the end-times and more…


Aaron Justus, a weatherman at WTVR CBS 6 in Richmond, Virginia, decided to have a little fun and recorded a phony weather forecast that features an erupting volcano, a superstorm, and a Godzilla attack all in the first half of the week. The good news: the second half of the week looks great with lots of sun and low humidity.

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, well over a half-million people had already checked out the clip as of Tuesday morning.

…Remember, this isn’t real. If you know people in the Richmond area, fear not. There is no volcano or superstorm actually coming. Godzilla, however… we’re not so sure about.

This was a farewell weather report that, in fact, never aired. Justus is now pursuing his next career as brewmaster – though he maintains a blog called the San Diego Weather Center out there on the Left Coast where he now lives and works.

Thanks, Ursarodinia