Principal promises school is drug-free. Uh-huh.

There is no drug problem at Westlake Boys High School, says its headmaster Craig Monaghan.

He is defending the school after a two-week investigation found 12 year 10 pupils using or dealing cannabis. The pupils were excluded from the school for “gross misconduct”.

Mr Monaghan guarantees there are no more Westlake students using drugs in school. “I’m 100 percent certain there are no drugs left in the school…

North Shore police area commander inspector Les Paterson says It is almost impossible to prevent students getting drugs into schools. “What can we do – set up border patrols?

Schools need to rely on education, common sense and good parenting to stop drugs problems, he says.

“It would be draconian and bizarre to go down the route they have in the United States where you basically get searched on your way in.

The copper’s brain is closer to Earth than the headmaster, of course.

I have to wonder what sort of education the school provides about sex – in light of their fascination with Zero Tolerance.

Thanks, K B