Trump’s Fellow Traveler

(Trump can’t stop farting on airplanes. Explains Barr’s expression)

Then-Attorney General William P. Barr warned President Trump in April 2020 that he would lose the general election if he continued to stoke his base at the expense of appealing to independent and moderate voters. Trump replied that his campaign aides told him he would win reelection if he got 65 million votes. That meant, he implied, he didn’t need to soften his tone or move to the middle.

Trump wound up receiving 74.2 million votes. But Joe Biden got 81.2 million.

Trump True Believers march in D.C., no masks, no sense

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

One week after the presidential race was called for Joe Biden, supporters of President Donald Trump gathered in Washington to protest the results and echo his unfounded claims of voter fraud.

While aides say that Trump is coming around to the reality that he lost, the president’s public attacks on the validity of the election results and his unwillingness to concede has allowed for conspiracy theories and misinformation to fester, particularly among his most devoted fans…

Top government and industry officials said in a statement on Thursday that the 2020 election was “the most secure in American history” and that there was “no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised.”

Trump’s true believers are like those who came before them. They loved Gov. Wallace and his racist message just like they love Trump.

US Nuclear Force moving on from floppy disks — finally

❝ In 2014, “60 Minutes” made famous the 8-inch floppy disks used by one antiquated Air Force computer system that, in a crisis, could receive an order from the president to launch nuclear missiles from silos across the United States.

But no more. At long last, that system, the Strategic Automated Command and Control System or SACCS, has dumped the floppy disk, moving to a “highly-secure solid state digital storage solution” this past June, said Lt. Col. Jason Rossi, commander of the Air Force’s 595th Strategic Communications Squadron…

❝ In 2016, the Government Accountability Office wrote that SACCS runs on an IBM Series/1 computer dating from the 1970s and that the Defense Department planned “to update its data storage solutions, port expansion processors, portable terminals, and desktop terminals by the end of fiscal year 2017,” but it’s unclear whether those upgrades have occurred.

You could ask the clown in the Oval Office and he not only wouldn’t know the answer – he wouldn’t know who to call.

Trump still wrong about Trade Deficits

Trump shows Pence and Peter Navarro he can count to 10 — or 5 twice!

❝ President Donald Trump has a logically coherent strategy for achieving the goal of reducing the US trade deficit, one of his stated priorities. The problem is that his strategy is based on totally wrong assumptions about trade deficits.

❝ Two logical chains are leading the president and his team to erroneous conclusions. The first is based on the mistaken assumption that foreign barriers to US exports cause the US trade deficit. If that assumption were true, the strategy of trying to lower foreign barriers by threatening to raise US barriers would be defensible. But both theory and evidence demonstrate that barriers reduce exports and imports equally, with no lasting effect on trade balances…The second logical chain starts with the assumption that tariffs inflict more pain on foreigners than on domestic residents…But longstanding economic theory says that both the home country and the foreign country roughly equally bear the cost of tariffs. Tariffs raise costs for consumers and producers in the importing country. Moreover, there is no reason why the war must be fought only through tariffs. US businesses have considerably more direct investment in Chinese operations than Chinese firms have in US operations. On that front, the United States has more to lose from commercial conflict than China.

RTFA. For that matter, wander on through some of the goodies published by the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Unless, that is, you prefer relying to dummies like our fake president.

Should weather forecasters be fined for screwing up?

Local councillors in the Netherlands are calling for weather forecasters who get their predictions wrong to be fined.

KNMI, the commercial weather bureau, based at Hilversum, near Amsterdam, whose forecasts are widely used by Dutch TV and newspapers, has been blamed with Mr Thonissen saying: “Heavy rain above Hilversum does not mean that is the case in the rest of the country.”

Pieter van Cutsem, who runs a small hotel in Hoek van Holland, agrees that forecasters should be “punished” for incorrect predictions,saying: “Despite having more forecasting tools than ever before they often get it wrong.

“Recent weather reporting has been completely inaccurate and it is hitting local businesses dearly because people are cancelling bookings. I agree they should be fined on the grounds of disseminating incorrect information.”

Cees Molenaars, a spokesman for KNMI told the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf: “TV, radio and newspapers use the raw data we deliver but it is up to them to how their forecasts turn out.”

Doesn’t sound to me like they’re providing much in the line of guidance at KNMI. MAybe they should be fined when they get it wrong?

Homeland Insecurity is just as precise in the UK as in the US

Hundreds greeting Salah on his release from an Israeli prison
Daylife/Getty Images used by permission

The Home Office’s hi-tech passenger data centre sent an alert to Terminal 1 at Heathrow about the impending arrival of Raed Salah, a “preacher of hate” who had been barred from the country by order of Theresa May, the Home Secretary.

However, he was on a plane heading for Terminal 5, a UK Border Agency source said. The mistake meant the immigration officer who checked his passport was not fully aware of the passenger’s significance and waved him through…

“There were a series of cock-ups in terms of getting information to the front-line,” said the UKBA source…

The Home Office has launched an investigation into how Salah was able to enter the country despite a travel ban, but last night refused to offer a “running commentary” on the inquiry.

Mrs May is likely to face tough questioning on the bungle when she appears before the Commons’ Home Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday.

The National Border Targeting Centre opened 15 months ago as part of the Home Office’s “e-Borders” scheme, which is behind schedule after the IT company hired to deliver the project had its contract terminated.

The Wythenshawe centre receives “passenger name record” information, which airlines flying into Britain are required by law to provide, and analyses the data in a bid to spot terrorist suspects, known criminals and illegal immigrants.

Salah was banned from Britain on the grounds that he holds hard-line anti-Semitic views. However, the UKBA mistake meant he was able to enter the country on June 25.

He delivered speeches in London and Leicester in the early part of last week and was later due to speak on the Israeli-Palestine conflict at the House of Commons at the invitation of three Labour MPs.

He was detained at 11pm on Tuesday and is now believed to have been deported.

Phew! Sounds to me as if the Brits are living up to all the standards established by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. From inept programming to boundless fear.

Airline pilot cleared of 9/11 accusations after ‘nine years of hell’

Daylife/Getty Images used by permission

The pilot falsely accused of training the hijackers responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks has won his almost decade-long miscarriage of justice battle.

Lotfi Raissi, an Algerian living in Britain who lost his career as an airline pilot, suffered wrongful imprisonment and damage to his health, will now be eligible for up to £2m compensation.

Raissi became the first person to be accused of participating in the 2001 attack in New York and Washington. He was held for five months in Belmarsh high security prison in London and told he would be charged with conspiracy and murder in the US where he could face the death penalty.

Today he described the last nine years as “hell” but said he was delighted with the decision by Jack Straw, the justice secretary. “I have suffered such a great injustice, I’m grateful for this verdict. They took almost 10 years of my life and now I’m starting to breathe again.”

He added: “I’ve been exonerated, not just by a court, but by the British government. Now I can turn the page, but I can never forgive them for what they did…”

Raissi’s arrest, at his home in Colnbrook, Berkshire, 10 days after the 9/11 attacks, followed an extradition request from the FBI. In court, where he awaited extradition to the US on a holding charge, he was described by British lawyers representing the US as one of the lead instructors of the four hijackers.

A judge threw the case out in 2002 and said there was no evidence against him. Since then, Raissi has sought an apology. In 2008, in a judgment that exonerated him, three court of appeal judges condemned the Met and the CPS for abusing the court process, presenting false allegations and not disclosing evidence.

Anyone holding their breath awaiting exoneration from the FBI or the United States government?

Americans think we are exempt from the laws of nature, the laws of human society, the recorded course of history. If we are exempt, then we bear no responsibility.

All fallacies. All corrupt.

Oops of the day!

A Royal Navy commander crashed a nuclear-powered submarine into a large rock in the Red Sea after misreading a number one as seven on a navigational chart…

Commander Steven Drysdale, who was in charge of HMS Superb, had ordered the vessel to take a shorter route to make sure it reached a rendezvous point in time for an operation. The submarine dived to reach deeper water so that it could travel faster, the hearing at Portsmouth naval base was told.

A pinnacle jutting out from the seabed was marked as being at a depth of 123 metres, but Drysdale misread it as 723. Thinking that the boat would clear the obstruction easily, the submarine was directed towards it and it grounded…

Captain Stuart Crozier, prosecuting, told the hearing that the submarine had been suffering from technical problems, causing it to lose speed, at the time of the incident in May 2008. He said there was pressure on Drysdale to ensure the submarine arrived in the Gulf on time for planned operations…

When the new route was charted by the plotting officer, who does not face the court martial, all three defendants failed to spot that the pinnacle marked on the map was only 123 metres deep, the only shallow point in the area.

Crozier said that when the submarine collided with the pinnacle, the vessel was brought to an almost immediate halt. “The submarine collided with the underwater obstacle reducing its speed from 16 knots to three knots in a very short time,” he said. “There was a significant amount of damage to the forehead of the submarine, but no casualties…”

Commander Alison Towler, representing Drysdale, told the court that the commanding officer had since been moved to a desk job. She said the service had also stopped Drysdale from taking up the high-profile position of Royal Navy staff officer submarines in Washington DC shortly after the incident…

The submarine, which came into service in 1976, was decommissioned in September 2008 and the MoD has said the accident did not lead to the submarine being taken out of service earlier than planned.

Sounds like an expensive oops to me. Most I ever took out was a double-stacked pallet-load of truck mirrors.

Officer, you’ve got the wrong person – once again

Three police cars pulled into Christina FourHorn’s front yard one afternoon just before she was supposed to pick up her daughter at school. The officers had a warrant for her arrest.

“What do you mean robbery?” FourHorn remembers asking the officers. Her only brushes with the law had been a few speeding tickets.

She was locked up in a Colorado jail. They took her clothes and other belongings and handed her an oversize black-and-white striped uniform. She protested for five days, telling jailers the arrest was a mistake. Finally, her husband borrowed enough money to bail her out.
“They wouldn’t tell me the details,” she said.

Later, it became clear that FourHorn was right, that Denver police had arrested the wrong woman. Police were searching for Christin Fourhorn, who lived in Oklahoma.

Their names were similar, and Christina FourHorn, a mother with no criminal record living in Sterling, Colorado, had been caught in the mix-up…

The problem of mistaken arrests continues, said attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado. The group, which represented FourHorn, calls Denver’s police work “recklessly sloppy.” An ACLU mistaken identity lawsuit on behalf of four other people is pending against Colorado police agencies…

Since the FourHorn case, the ACLU found at least 237 cases in Colorado in which police may have arrested the wrong person. The figure is likely a small sample since police often release those wrongfully arrested before the first court appearance, the ACLU said…

“Naturally police think people are lying when the person says they didn’t do it,” said Jack Ryan, an instructor at the Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute and police officer for two decades.

“But that doesn’t change the fact that there needs to be an investigation,” he added. “The overall philosophy of justice in this country is that an innocent person shouldn’t be locked up.”

In Christina FourHorn’s case, she was about 100 pounds heavier then the suspect, Christin Fourhorn. Her middle name is Ann, while the suspect’s middle name is Blue. She was also seven years older and didn’t have a tattoo on her left arm, which the suspect did.

Sounds like a police department where families buy a job for the dullest nephew. The one who couldn’t figure out how to work a shovel in the state highway department.