May be the last time…

This isn’t the first time I’ve watched, witnessed, the perilous grasp for more power by an ignorant politician — followed by a crowd of equally ignorant lemmings possibly equivalent to half the population of this benighted land — marching dutifully over the edge of some precipice. Thanks to the work of others…usually well-paid scientists dedicated to what they believe to be “the national interest”…the likelihood of the death of our species and all others on this little ball of mud called Earth increases.

With someone in the White House as grossly filled with himself as our fake president, I think the possibility of Trump’s “VietNam” becoming a global inferno is much greater than anything LBJ or Nixon might have contrived. The willingness of Americans to murder people who speak another language, define culture and humanity with a foreign alphabet, often with darker skin than any Ivory Soap commercial advocates for…is boundless.

We move closer to the edge of the abyss. Every day this idiot is in office.