Forest Green Rovers 1-0 Birmingham

It’s halftime – and I’m chuckling to myself. In Nailsworth, it’s clear and evening cold. Here in Santa Fe, we have an afternoon mix of fog, sleet and snow.

Must admit, I finally got round to reading up on Forest Green Rovers and their politics, ethos and style match a lot that is meaningful to me. Their electric hoarding even gets to flash “Give Fossil Fuels a Red Card!”

P.S. Birmingham won, 2 to 1

Boxing Day!

We don’t celebrate any of the religion-based holidaze in our household. We DO celebrate all the footie that makes it onto the telly as part of festivities.

Already on our 2nd match of the day and we’re watching 2 of my favorite clubs. So, cheering for both sides, I guess. Though Frank Lampard coaching Everton still a warm spot in my heart from so many years seeing him as a key player in the EPL.

FINAL, Everton 1 – 2 Wolves. Wolves scored in the final minute of stoppage after regular time.

OK. Back from my morning walk.

Tunisia side celebrating Wahzi Khabri’s goal

Not even going to turn the TV back on till the Saudi Arabia vs Mexico match. The Tunisia vs France match ended with an apparent tie resulting from what appeared to be a French goal in the last 10 seconds of 8 minutes of stoppage time.

And it was overturned when officials actually got the VAR running. So, Tunisia won the match. Still, France won the group and goes through to the next knockout match. The other relevant scores weren’t enough to change standings and Tunisia didn’t qualify to go through. But, they still enjoyed the pride of beating their former imperial bosses.

A Texas high school football stadium was built on a graveyard in 1935.

I n 1935, a cemetery that had fallen into disrepair was moved to make room for a stadium in San Saba, which is known as the Pecan Capital of the World. However, not all of the bodies were moved, and over the years, both tombstones and remains have been found under the playing surface, according to multiple reports that also say as much as 50 bodies may still buried under the field.  

On Thursday, Texas Football Life, which has multiple social media accounts devoted to the culture of football in the state, asked its followers on Twitter: “Would you play on a field that could have bodies underneath it?” The graphic included with the tweet says, “Creepy But True.”

At least they have a sense of humor about it. AFAIC, economic reuse makes sense.