What this blog is all about?

It’s the news your local newspaper – in fact, most American newspapers ignore: questions of politics and philosophy, ethics, science and principle. It’s the news that TV’s talking heads avoid as controversial or interesting only to a niche cadre of people who care about knowledge and how it affects the course of society’s growth.

It’s the news, it’s information, that Eideard finds interesting – and always has.

It’s opinions – as journal-keeper, diarist – from Eideard and others about the world around us. How it changes and should or shouldn’t, does or doesn’t. Generally, from the point of view of a couple of folks who spend considerable time traveling the Earth – online.

We make no pretense of journalism; but, as diarist, we turn to the few quality sources available online that nourish a conversation of the mind at a positive diagonal to lives cushioned in timorous security. There is good journalism out there. Many flavors. Many styles. Just hard to distinguish sometimes from the overwhelming dross.

Please reflect and react – to the topic. There is no detailed comments guideline, yet, other than “stick to the topic”. The much larger blogs we’re associated with have detailed rules for the public; but, “Eideard” will travel without them as long as practical. *

Social scientists tell us the average human being stops learning at age 26. Stops inquiring and settles into day-by-day normalcy. I never believed in doing that. I hope you don’t, either.

* Absolutely tinfoil-hat rants may be deleted and proselytizing ranters, paranoids banished. The TWITTER sites, the other WordPress sites we edit do this with some frequency. So far, we find the need to do this here only a few times a year.