5 thoughts on “Ugliest Pics of the Day

  1. james357 says:

    Uh, how did McVeigh build a better bomb using ag supplies then these guys who were probably trained terrorists with financial resources?

  2. keaneo says:

    Never worked construction, eh?

    I wouldn’t consider McVeigh’s bomb better. Cheaper? You betcha. Better able to destroy real estate than anti-personnel? A given.

    That’s why the military – a probably source for Al Qaeda + availability in public and not-so-public souks – uses C4 and newer iterations of plastique.

    Construction companies build highways and move mountains with ANFO.

  3. moss says:

    C’mon, Keaneo – even working construction, you would have had to be building roads or skyscrapers to bump into ANFO.

    Now, the average stump farmer in Mississippi – since buying dynamite in your burg’s hardware store went away – would know all about it.

  4. james357 says:

    Not commercial construction. The HOAs would get a bit pissed if Poulte Homes started using ANFO for stumps. I’ll have to consult my Ragnar Benson library.

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