Kind of looks like we have – or had – a serial killer working Albuquerque

Police digging for clues in the deaths of six people found in the New Mexico desert hope the identification of one set of bones will generate leads.

The remains of Victoria Chavez and five other people were found in a 92-acre area housing development under construction just west of Albuquerque.

Chavez was a prostitute and drug user who was last seen in 2003 and reported missing in 2004, Albuquerque police said.

The six bodies were found after a woman walking her dog found a human bone two weeks ago and notified police, said John Walsh, Albuquerque police spokesman.

Authorities have not yet identified the other five sets of bones but say they might find others. Attempting to piece together identities could take a long time because, they said, “it’s very difficult” to determine cause of death from skeletal remains…

Chavez’s remains were identified through dental records that her family provided when she was reported missing in 2004. It will be tougher to identify the others. For example, one had no dental work and another had no skull…

The last set of remains exhumed at the site was nine or 10 feet deep. Authorities were using heavy and light equipment and cadaver dogs to find bodies and clues.

Reporters with zero knowledge of the area contribute nothing to a story like this. The CNN headline blabbed about bodies in the desert. Well, there ain’t anywhere in Albuquerque you can’t see the West Mesa. During the time of the killings the area was less than a mile away from any subdivision. Desert? Yeah. Smack upside a city.

Now, construction moved into the area and that’s how one body was found “9 or 10 feet” deep. That’s because dirt scraped away from other parts of the jobsite had recently been piled up in that spot.

The most interesting part has been the coppers doing comparative analysis using recent and older satellite imaging to look for vehicle tracks and signs of other graves.

UPDATE: The body count is now up to 13.

One thought on “Kind of looks like we have – or had – a serial killer working Albuquerque

  1. ¡A la verga! says:

    “The recent killings of four Muslim men in Albuquerque have shaken the city. Here’s what we know” (CNN)
    While police have not definitively said all four attacks are connected, they have said they are looking into whether it is the case.
    “There is one strong commonality in all the victims; the race and religion,” Albuquerque Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division, Kyle Hartsock, said in a Thursday briefing.
    “The lives of Albuquerque Muslims are in danger. Whoever is responsible for this horrific, hateful shooting spree must be identified and stopped — now,” stressed Council on American-Islamic Relations National Deputy Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell.

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