Fox News pays for their lies. Dominion wins 787+ Million$

Dominion attorneys leaving the Delaware Superior Courthouse

A last-second settlement has been reached in the historic defamation case between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems, the parties announced Tuesday in court.

“The parties have resolved their case,” Superior Court Judge Eric Davis said…“Your presence here… was extremely important. And without you, the parties would not have been able to resolve their situation,” the judge told the jurors, before dismissing them.

The settlement between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems totals $787,500,000, according to Dominion attorney Justin Nelson.

The settlement represents “vindication and accountability,” Nelson said in a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Couldn’t have happened to a better crowd of corporate communications sleaze.

Texas Judge says theocracy overrules science on women’s abortion rights

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said on Sunday that a Texas judge’s ruling that the FDA’s approval of the abortion drug mifepristone was improper is a ruling that does not represent America…

“America goes by the evidence. America does what’s fair. America does what is transparent and we can show that what we do is for the right reasons,” Becerra said. “That’s not America.”

The Biden administration has already filed an appeal to the Texas ruling, which came out the same day that a federal judge in Washington state ruled that the FDA had placed overly burdensome regulations on the abortion pill. The existence of contradictory rulings has led to questions about what, if anything, can be enforced in the near-term — a situation that is likely to wind up at the Supreme Court.

Becerra warned that this case not only affected the most common method of abortion in the country but could also affect other drugs that the FDA has approved or might still approve.

“First and foremost, when you turn upside down the entire FDA approval process, you’re not talking about just mifepristone,” he said. “You’re talking about every kind of drug. You’re talking about our vaccines, you’re talking about insulin, you’re talking about the new Alzheimer’s drugs that may come on…”

“If a judge decides to substitute his preference, his personal opinion for that of scientists and medical professionals, what drug isn’t subject to some kind of legal challenge?” Becerra said. “So we have to go to court — and for America’s sake, and for women’s sake, we have to prevail on this.”

The creeps and cretins who now own the Republican Party continue their open warfare on science and society. Sad but true.

If you are willing to look to science, education and regulation to govern…instead of religious rulebooks long outdated…unfortunately, you still have to spend time fighting for that standard in the United States.


Statement from Jack Resneck Jr., MD
President, American Medical Association

Today’s court decision from a federal district court in Texas staying longstanding approval of mifepristone flies in the face of science and evidence and threatens to upend access to a safe and effective drug that has been used by millions of people for more than 20 years. The court’s disregard for well-established scientific facts in favor of speculative allegations and ideological assertions will cause harm to our patients and undermines the health of the nation. By rejecting medical facts, the court has intruded into the exam room and has intervened in decisions that belong to patients and physicians. The court’s rebuff of scientific facts also undermines informed decisions, erodes trust in institutions, exacerbates social divides, and places individual and collective health at risk.

“Additionally, this decision introduces the extraordinary, unprecedented danger of courts upending longstanding drug regulatory decisions by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Doing so goes against the established scientific process that leads to those decisions and puts other drugs at risk of being subject to similar efforts. Substituting the opinions of individual judges and courts in place of extensive, evidence-based, scientific review of efficacy and safety through well-established FDA processes is reckless and dangerous…

“We will continue to support access to evidence-based health care, including abortion medication, and oppose intrusions that undermine our patients’ health.”

Rock Salmon? WTF!

The majority of chip shop fish sold under generic names like huss, rock salmon and rock eel turned out to be spiny dogfish — a species of shark which is endangered in Europe and classed as vulnerable worldwide.

Scientists used DNA barcoding to take samples of shark products from fishmongers and chip shops, as well as shark fins from an Asian food wholesaler in the UK…

The research was carried out at the University of Exeter and the scientists are calling for more accurate food labelling so people know which species they are eating.

Dr Andrew Griffiths said: “The discovery of endangered hammerhead sharks (and others…like spiny dogfish) highlights how widespread the sale of declining species really is — even reaching Europe and the UK.

Same old story. Folks in business who decide profit at any price write the rules. Change the name of your product to fool the folks who never read the fine print. Presuming government watchdogs require the fine print to be the truth.

India’s Dangerous Generic Drugs

Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

For a nation that seeks to claim the mantle of “pharmacy to the world,” India is scandalously short on regulatory oversight. In the last six months alone, its generic cough syrups have killed dozens of children, its eye drops have caused blindness and its chemotherapy drugs have been contaminated.

The children who died — mostly under the age of five years — were given Indian-made over-the-counter products contaminated with industrial solvents and antifreeze agents that are fatal in even small amounts. The eye drops that contained extensively drug-resistant bacteria? So far 68 patients across 16 US states have been affected. Three people died, several had to have their eyeballs removed, some went blind, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on March 21. The Indian company, Global Pharma Healthcare, issued a voluntary nationwide recall for the drops.

India is the largest provider of generic medicines, producing 20% of the world’s supply, according to the government’s Economic Survey. Its $50 billion drug-manufacturing industry exports medicines to over 200 nations and makes 60% of all vaccines. It boasts “the highest number” of US Food and Drug Administration compliant plants outside America, and indeed, some of its generic pharmaceutical companies produce high-quality medicines.

That may well provide consumers with a level of comfort, but history suggests it is unwise to trust that feeling.

Trump Thought He Beat the Rap. WRONG!

Donald Trump’s indictment followed a head-spinning two weeks during which the former president predicted his own arrest but, almost as quickly, suggested that he’d beat the rap…

When it did come on Thursday, the indictment by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office caught Trump and his circle of advisers off-guard, according to a person familiar with the matter. Some had even planned spring-break trips with their families in the coming weeks that had to be rapidly canceled…

Trump had a few days before also gloated on social media about the “total disarray in the Manhattan DA’s office.”

A decent start to the next episode of the decline and fall of America’s most contemptible politician.

Republican Party, America’s rightwing mouthpiece, restarts their campaign to Whitewash history

Stephen Maturen/Getty

25 May 2020, a man died after a “medical incident during police interaction” in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The man was suspected of forgery and “believed to be in his 40s”. He “physically resisted officers” and, after being handcuffed, “appeared to be suffering medical distress”. He was taken to the hospital “where he died a short time later”.

It is not difficult to imagine a version of reality where this, the first police account of George Floyd’s brutal death beneath the knee of an implacable police officer, remained the official narrative of what took place in Minneapolis one year ago. That version of reality unfolds every day. Police lies are accepted and endorsed by the press; press accounts are accepted and believed by the public.

That something else happened – that it is now possible for a news organization to say without caveat or qualification that Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd – required herculean effort and extraordinary bravery on the part of millions of people.

The laborious project of establishing truth in the face of official lies is one that Americans embraced during the racial reckoning of the summer of 2020, whether it was individuals speaking out about their experiences of racism at work, or institutions acknowledging their own complicity in racial injustice. For a time, it seemed that America was finally ready to tell a more honest, nuanced story of itself, one that acknowledged the blood at the root.

But alongside this reassessment, another American tradition re-emerged: a reactionary movement bent on reasserting a whitewashed American myth. These reactionary forces have taken aim at efforts to tell an honest version of American history and speak openly about racism by proposing laws in statehouses across the country that would ban the teaching of “critical race theory”, the New York Times’s 1619 Project, and, euphemistically, “divisive concepts”…

Legislation seeking to limit how teachers talk about race has been considered by at least 15 states…

Hoping to return America to our racist roots, the fascist clown show that owns the Republican Party marches off again on their favorite highway paved with bigotry, lies and deceit.