Poland is sending German tanks to Ukraine. Germany says “We won’t stand in the way…”

Asked what would happen if Poland went ahead and sent its Leopard 2 tanks without German approval, Baerbock said: “For the moment the question has not been asked, but if we were asked we would not stand in the way.”…

Germany has been under considerable pressure both to deliver Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine and to allow other countries to send their German-made tanks to Ukrainian forces. But Berlin has been hesitant to send the highly advanced, Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine out of concern it could lead to a widening of the Russian war in Ukraine…

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told the national Polish PAP news agency, “Germany’s attitude is unacceptable. It has been almost a year since the war began. Innocent people are dying every day.”

Quibbling over the perpetual drip of “acceptable” diplomatic language is about as boring as a so-called debate between the two miserable political parties we have here in the U.S.. Polite scores more points than content every time.

Republican candidate paid for drive-by shootings at Democrats

Solomon Pena…GOP candidate for New Mexico Legislature

The former Republican candidate accused of targeting the homes of Democrats in drive-by shootings had routinely called for locking up 2020 election officials in Guantánamo Bay. He promoted conspiracy theories about solar power, feminism and “the demonic theories of the Globalist Elites.” He had been demoted twice by the U.S. Navy and served nearly seven years in prison for burglary.

Yet powerful party leaders in New Mexico not only gave the first-time candidate, Solomon Peña, 39, full-throated endorsements, but they also opened their checkbooks to fund his race for a state legislative seat in central Albuquerque long held by Democrats. Some knew about his prison record but said they felt that he had turned his life around.

Local and state coppers are investigating whether drug money helped fund his campaign. No one seems to have done much of a job considering character before they ran him for State Legislature. May as well check him over before his trial for the shootings.

Only in America

Just weeks after a 6-year-old shot his teacher, a gun trade show in Las Vegas is hosting a manufacturer promoting its “JR-15,” a child-size AR-15 rifle.

The JR-15 was first launched last year by gun manufacturer WEE1 Tactical. The launch sparked outrage as the company promoted the J.V. death machine with cartoon skulls and crossbones stylized as boys and girls. The presumed boy skull had a blonde mohawk and green pacifier, while the girl skull sported blonde pigtails and pink bows and a pink pacifier. Both cartoons had one eye patched with a rifle sight.

Truly demented symptom of American greed, society centered in violence.

Insurers will fight to protect their Medicare fraud

This year, for the first time, a majority of seniors eligible for Medicare will be on privatized Medicare Advantage plans. Now, the insurance companies raking in giant profits from these for-profit plans are mounting a pressure campaign and planning to sue the government to protect years of overpayments they’ve extracted from Medicare…

What’s more, federal audits have found Medicare Advantage plans systematically overbilling the public — mostly by billing as if patients are sicker than they really are, a scheme known as “upcoding.” Officials estimate the private plans collected $650 million in overpayments from 2011 to 2013…

The Biden administration is expected to finalize a rule next month to try to recoup some of these overpayments — but Medicare Advantage insurers are threatening to sue if the rule moves forward as written, according to Stat News. If insurers sue, it could further delay the government’s efforts to claw back excess payments stretching back more than a decade, as well as future overpayments.

The health insurance industry argues that regulators should allow for some level of payment errors — and should only apply new rules to audits moving forward, instead of retroactively punishing past misconduct.

The stuffed shirts aren’t just worried about their golden goose finally being leaned and cooked. They believe they should be exempt from compensating taxpayers, subscribers, for their earlier thievery. Not a surprise. Not worth condoning either.