Chrysler pushing Ram into cold truck market

Fuel prices are falling but still high, big vehicles are unpopular and Chrysler, known for big vehicles, is struggling. So it may seem surprising that it is putting all of its marketing muscle behind a new truck.

This month, Chrysler, which is owned by Cerberus Capital Management, will begin advertising the first revamped Dodge Ram pickup truck in six years. Instead of focusing on price, Chrysler is selling the workingman truck narrative with a Web-based, reality-style competition showing the trucks hurtling through off-road courses that brings to mind television shows like “Ice Road Truckers” or “America’s Toughest Jobs.”

“Now is not the time to do the typical truck launch,” said David Lubars, chief creative officer of BBDO North America, part of the Omnicom Group, which created the campaign. “We know the amount of people out there who are going to buy a truck is going to shrink.

It’s a smaller group than usual, and we have to get all of them,” Lubars said.

I love my Dodge truck – but, I won’t be buying into the sell!

I took a look through the website Cerberus/Chrysler setup for the promotion. Wondering if I could be tempted into replacing my 4WD RAM 1500, the first thing I looked at is powertrain. After all, Chrysler has access to a couple of terrific mid-size diesel engines: a 3.0 liter and a 4.2 liter. Both have more than adequate torque to push a 1500, even with 4WD, through a heavy day’s work.

Result? Nothing, nada, nuttin’ honey. Not worth my time to look farther than that.

7 thoughts on “Chrysler pushing Ram into cold truck market

  1. acrcpe45 says:

    Diesel will be offered in the 2010 model year on the Ram 1500.

    Currently, the gas engine is more economical because of the higher price of diesel. Kudo’s to Chrysler for all the work they did to increase mileage on this truck.

  2. acrcpe45 says:

    Forgot to mention Hybrid will also be available in 2010.

    Again, it is more economical for a standard gas engine… however, most people refuse to do any research before making comments…

    Poster above… I am speaking to you.

  3. god says:

    Nice to see you’re interested; but, do your homework. Even at higher retail, whole cost savings of diesel vs. gasoline engine merits the option. That’s mileage + life of engine.

    I’ve seen the rumor about diesel and hybrid coming in 2010. Chrysler ain’t posting it publicly; so, that’s worth nothing more than gossip.

    I had Dodge dealers tell me in the last 4 months they’d be offering the new smaller Cummins diesel in their trucks. Never happened. I’ll stick with basing decisions on a purchase on what’s actually on the lots.

  4. god says:

    Ford and the rest of the crew still has to realize we’re not all towing 10,000 lbs.. A small-medium, V6 turbo-diesel i going to crank out enough torque to get us moving where we wish to go.

    That should be the standard and option in the monster powerstrokes.

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