Noise polluters sentenced to listen to Barry Manilow

Judge Paul Sacco says his unorthodox punishment of forcing noise ordinance violators to sit in a room and listen to music they don’t like has cut down on repeat offenders in the small prairie town of Fort Lupton, 25 miles north of Denver.

Four times a year, offenders troop into a room and endure one hour of hits from Barry Manilow and Barney, the purple dinosaur…

Mr Sacco did not feel that the message that noise pollution was unacceptable was getting through, so he decided to give the teenagers a bit of their own medicine.

The playlist at a recent session included: Barry Manilow’s I can’t smile without you; The Platters’ Only You; Joni Mitchell’s Chelsea Morning.

Cripes. Except for Barry Manilow, I like the others.

I own the others!

Thanks, K B

One thought on “Noise polluters sentenced to listen to Barry Manilow

  1. moss says:

    We’ve become a nation that, in general, doesn’t know crap about music, anyway. I can’t remember a time when there was such a paucity of talent, musical ability, meaningful lyrics and an abundance of just plain dull no-talent imitations of song.

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